Saturday, March 9, 2019

BOGO for NOOK Readers!

NOOK Readers! 

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Kobo BOGO Sale

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Cover Reveal: Too Dangerous and New Cover for Too Enchanting


The 5th and Final book in The Lewis Cousins Series is Coming!

Too Dangerous by Bethany Lopez
Series: The Lewis Cousins, book 5

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Reveal: Feb 27, 2019

Date of release: April 29, 2019

Cover by Makeready Designs


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Jasmine's worked hard to get where she is, a tough, savvy woman in a male dominated business.

Shane's just trying to get by. Trying to build a life for himself away from the pitfalls of his past.

She's always kept him at arm’s length, afraid to ignite the passion that sparks whenever he's near.

He does everything in his power to remind her of what she's missing.

Now, Shane needs a wife, and Jazzy's the only one who can help him.

Too Dangerous is the fifth and final book in the Lewis Cousins series by Bethany Lopez.

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Gabriel "Gabe" Lewis retired from the NFL and returned home to Cherry Springs. He combined his passion for football with camping and is now the owner of a football camp for teens. His summers are dedicated to spending time with family and teaching his campers about the sport he loves.
Zoey Zahn is a quirky, introverted writer and self-proclaimed geek. When she's asked if she’ll accompany her nephew, Christopher, to camp, Zoey agrees, envisioning quiet evenings of writing in the great outdoors. After she stumbles upon Gabe, however, quiet evenings alone are the last thing on her mind.
The chemistry between Gabe and Zoey is undeniable, but as camp ends, a brewing storm causes their blooming relationship to fumble. All Gabe knows is that Zoey is Too Tempting to deny, and he's determined to overcome the obstacles between them to be the man she deserves.



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Reardon Lewis is a small-town lawyer in Cherry Springs, the place where he and his cousins grew up. With the body of a Viking and the heart of a geek, Reardon is loyal to his family and indispensable to his community. The only thing missing in his life is love, and it just so happens that the one woman he has always wanted but could never have has just moved to Cherry Springs.

Chloe Zahn is a successful businesswoman, a city girl, and a single mom. The last thing she ever planned to do was move to a small town, but that’s the choice she’s made to bring her son closer to his dad. The only problem? The Lewis family and the obvious disdain they have for her. 

The more time Reardon and Chloe spend together, the harder it is to fight their growing feelings for each other. Things between them have always been Too Complicated, but Reardon knows this may be his last chance to win over the woman he's always dreamed of, complications be damned. 



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As the successful and driven CEO of Lewis Sporting Goods, Dillon rarely has time to eat a home cooked meal, let alone put any time or effort into maintaining an actual relationship. He's been living on fumes and casual encounters for so long that finding love and starting a family never even crossed his mind, until his cousins Gabe and Reardon found women who gave them both. 

Laurel has been in love with Dillon since she was nine years old. Unfortunately, he's always seen her as his little sister's pesky best friend. She can't stop her heart from beating frantically whenever he's near, but she's become an expert at keeping her feelings from everyone, especially Dillon. Her secret has been safe, until now...

When Laurel needs help with her business plan, her best friend urges her to seek help from Dillon. Determined to push her feelings aside and focus on her fledgling business, Laurel knows she needs to do whatever it takes to succeed, even if it means being treated to indifference and big brother teasing from the man she loves. 

Can Laurel work with Dillon and still keep her heart intact, or will things get Too Distracting when Dillon realizes what a beautiful, kind, and generous woman she has become?


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When she was young, Serena Lewis was uprooted from the life she knew. Her parents took her from everything and everyone she loved, including her best friends… her cousins. Rebelling against the change, Serena became a young woman she knew her family wouldn’t like. Now that she's moving back home, she hopes to keep that part of herself in the past and become the woman she's meant to be.

Jed Monroe is a self-made man. Forced to grow up at a young age, he's always taken care of himself and worked to get what he needed. Working construction has given him stability, but working with wood is where his passion truly lies.

On the outside, petite and perfect Serena and rough and hardworking Jed have nothing in common. When Serena moves into the house next door, Jed is determined to ignore the sexy art gallery manager, who he just knows will be a pain in his ass.

But their shared loved of creating beauty from pain, along with the intangible chemistry that fires whenever they’re in the same space, forces them to dig beneath the surface to find their vulnerability. Jed will soon see that whether he likes Serena or not, she’s Too Enchanting to ignore.

Too Enchanting is the fourth in an all-new small town romance series by Bethany Lopez. Follow the Lewis cousins of Cherry Springs, the kind of place where there are festivals for every occasion and everyone knows your business, as they learn about love and loss.