Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blog Tour for Love Notes by Heather Gunter

Title: Love Notes

Author: Heather Gunter

Genre: YA Contemporary Romance

Release Date: May 2, 2013

Tour Schedule: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hGM5iIPiPpeWpmg-wuxowr-3QIK4paZJzN-QlbPOoz0/edit?usp=sharing


How do you cope when the people you care for hurt you the most? When the way you feel on the outside, smothers you on the inside. And when you are left to face your demons alone, will you learn that only you have the power to overcome them? Charlie has never had it easy. Between the constant moving and the incessant fat comments and jokes from her father, her self-worth is nonexistent. Her reflection in the mirror shows her nothing but a plain Jane. Music is the only thing that keeps her sanity in check. Charlie catches the eye of the town star quarterback, Maverick. With her curves, her brunette hair, and the voice of an angel, Maverick has never met anyone like her. Everything that is different about Charlie just makes Maverick like her more. Unfortunately, Charlie doesn’t see it herself. Proving it to her may deem harder than he thinks, especially when tragedy strikes and tears them apart. Now standing on her own two feet she may finally learn exactly who she is, what’s she’s capable of and how very un plain Jane she really is.

About the Author:

When not writing or updating her Into the Night Reviews book blog, you will find Heather curled on the couch reading, surrounded by her children and four dogs. Her cravings for music and books are insatiable. One of her favorite things to do is sing and used to have a dream of becoming a singer. The dream has since changed and is now to become a full time writer. She holds a strong anti-bullying conviction and voices it regularly. She resides in Canton, GA with her husband, 3 boys, 4 dogs, 1 cat and 2 ferrets.








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Excerpt 1:

I turn to Will, “Dude was that really necessary?” Will just throws his quirky smile up and shrugs his shoulders.

“Couldn’t be helped bro. It looked like you were drooling all over yourself. We are talking baby drool bad. And I, being your best friend and all, am here to help keep you from the massive embarrassment you were fixing to bestow upon yourself.”

I hang my head, stare at the floor and smile. “Can’t help it Will. I like her, I like her a lot.”

I knew I wouldn’t catch any ribbing from him, considering his infatuation with a certain red head.

Will starts chuckling, “Yeah, yeah, I know. I could tell. You forget, I’ve known you since diapers. I have to say though Maverick, I’ve never seen you so, so....Twitter painted.”

Nice. A Disney reference.

“You ass,” I laugh, and playfully punch him in the arm and grab him into a headlock. Of course, it doesn’t faze him and he’s laughing like the tool he is. I let go and he finally stops laughing and turns serious, like the switching of a light.

“Nah, seriously dude, I can tell you like her. She’s hot Maverick, and seems really nice. She also doesn’t seem very into herself, which is rare. Plus, I also saw her walking with Tori earlier. So I know she’s got to be cool.”

I instantly feel a pang of jealousy. I must have gotten a look on my face and Will can read me like a damn book.
“Now, now don’t get all territorial and go pissing all over her. That might turn her off,” he says. I simmer down because I know he still has feelings for someone else. It was the fact that he noticed. But then again, anyone would notice. How could you not? I just don’t want any competition. The thought of someone else with her was driving me insane.

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  1. Ooohhh this one sounds SO GOOD!! I'm really looking forward to reading this book!! It's going on my growing TBR list. Thank you SO MUCH for this AMAZING giveaway!!! ***crosses fingers***