Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Today is Let It Go Day ~ Here Is My Post and Giveaway. #letitgo

Let It Go

Let go of the frustration
You set yourself up to fail, when you compare yourself to others
Let go of the pain
Life is full of twists and turns, the good will come
Let go of the anger
You are in control of your emotions, and the way you view things
Let go of the hypocrisy
Don't judge others for their lack of perfection
No one is perfect
Let go of the mean
That coil in your gut will destroy you, as it destroys those around you
Let go of the desperation
Destiny is what you make of it, you will only achieve what you work for
Let go of the hurt
Love is in the comfort of friends and the support of those you trust
Let go of the pride
You will fail, the beauty is in the recovery
Let it all go

What it's about:

‪#‎LetITGo‬ day all stemmed from Ann Aguirre's title, I WANT IT THAT WAY. One of the characters finds freedom when he lets something go that he had been holding on to. In the book, you see him physically do something to represent the act of letting it go and then finding peace. While reading, the wheels started turning! We all need to have a day to let things go. We've all had those moments when things play over and over in our head, when we hear the whispers of being told we're not good enough, when we find ourselves paralyzed by something. Some of us are affected by this in ways we think others could not possibly understand. So...#LetItGo day was formed. In the midst of ugly and dark things happening all around, we want to focus on freedom and finding peace. And September 3rd, 2014 is that day. The sky is the limit in how you want to celebrate and share it with your readers and followers on your blog and social media. Tell what freedom and peace mean to you, Tell about a time you had to #LetItGo, take pics of you doing a #LetItGo ceremony. Whatever...but this world has a lot of heartache. And we don't have to hold on to things. We want freedom and peace to reign! So join in on September 3rd and #LetItGo! 


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