Sunday, September 2, 2012

#SampleSunday WIP: I Choose You #NewAdult

Happy Sunday! I have featured excerpts from Make it Last during the last couple Sample Sundays. Make it Last is book one in a New Adult Trilogy that I am working on. It will feature three couples, and each of the books will tell their story. I am currently writing book two, I Choose You. I thought I would post a snippet from that one this week. Please realize, this is still a first draft.

Enjoy, and as always, let me know what you think!

When she heard Roni’s bawdy laugh, she opened the door with a smile, and was faced with a faded grey t-shirt stretched across the sexiest chest she had ever seen. Without looking up, she knew the owner of that chest. She had been crushing on him ever since her first day in this small town.

She felt the familiar tug in her belly, as she allowed herself a moment to draw her gaze slowly up his chest, over his broad shoulders, and into his striking face.

Kent was the most gorgeous man she’d ever met in person, and no matter how many times she saw him, she always got butterflies when he was near.

He grinned broadly down at her.

“Hey, Nic,” Kent was the only man who had ever called her that, and she felt her heart trip every time he did.

She tried to speak, but no sound came out. She tried to clear her throat inconspicuously. “Um, Hi.”

“Kent, could you please move your butt? This box is heavy.” Roni’s voice said from behind him.

Nicole moved a few steps back and out of the way so he could come inside, allowing Roni access through the door.

She chided herself for acting so weird every time she was around Kent. She thought he was so hot, and out of her league. She knew that he could get any girl that he wanted, and she was nothing like the girls he usually went for.

“Let me take that,” Kent said to his sister, easily lifting the box from her hands and taking it to the room that Nicole indicated was Roni’s.

“Hi, Roomie,” Roni squealed, jumping and doing a little spin around the room.

Nicole couldn’t help but smile at her excitement, then watched, confused, when Roni’s demeanor changed at the voice in the hall.

“Hello… I’m looking for the apartment housing the hottest ladies in town,” Rich yelled out as his face came into view.

Roni rolled her eyes and turned to walk into her room.

Nicole barely had a moment to register Roni’s behavior, before she was enveloped by Rich’s strong arms.

“Hey, Baby Doll,” Rich said with a smile. “Kent told me that his sister was moving in today, so I thought you guys might need some help from a big, strong, hot, man.”


  1. *sighs* I can't wait to read this trilogy. Colin, Rich and Kent are awesome!! I'm going to get a shirt, TeamAllBoys :) Because I can't pick one.

  2. Sounds awesome! I know I want to read it.;)