Saturday, February 23, 2013

indie-licious blog hop ~ Untitled WIP

This week for the indie-licious blog hop, I want to give a sneak peek of my current WIP. Let me know what you think.


The first thing I noticed was her ass.
The bar was already pretty crowded, considering it wasn’t even ten o’clock yet. I’d come in early to grab a bite before meeting the guys to shoot pool. I was about to put in my order at the bar, when I saw her bend over to pick up something she’d dropped off of the floor. She didn’t bend at the knees, just straight over at the waist, giving me a perfect view and throwing my libido into fifth gear.
Damn, I needed to adjust my jeans.
I kept watching as she stood back up, interested enough to see if the face was as good as the body. I’ve always preferred them thick.
Women who were so skinny their hip bones stuck out just pissed me off. If I wanted a bumpy ride, I’d take my bike out on the train tracks.
Her hair was long and straight. I could tell it was dark, but hard to tell exactly what color in the lights of the bar. Didn’t matter.
She turned to put her purse on the back of her chair before she sat, and I saw enough of her face to know she’d still be pretty in the morning light.
I noted that she was sitting with James before I turned to order a burger and a beer from the bartender.
I knew James from way back. We’d grown up in the same part of town. She’d always kept the neighborhood guessing with the string of partners, male and female, she’d brought through; and I’d always kept them guessing with the late night visits from the cops. I guess you could say we were destined to become friends. If you could call us that. James was very careful not to let anyone get too close. That had always been the case.
I figured I’d enjoy my meal and give them a chance to have a few drinks before I asked James who the great ass belonged too, unless something changed between now and then. I didn’t like to put too much pressure on myself.
I downed a couple beers with my burger, then headed to the back to put some quarters on the pool table, securing my spot. The crowd was a mixture of biker types and college kids, that’s what happened when you had a college in a town like this. Some of the kids found out right away that this wasn’t the type of bar they should be hanging out in, but the ones that stayed, usually became regulars.
It was low key, with sturdy pool tables, a jukebox that played a fantastic mix of seventies rock, and hot waitresses. What more could a guy ask for?
I noticed James was sitting by herself at the table, throwing back a shot of God knows what, and figured the chick with the ass had gone to the bathroom or something. I walked over to James and pulled out a chair.
“What’s up?” I asked as I sat.
“Same old,” James asked with a smirk. “How ‘bout you, Judd? Haven’t seen you in a minute.”
“I’ve been around,” I looked down at her arm as she played with the empty glass. Without thinking, I reached over and ran a finger along the spot I’d noticed. “Got some new ink?”
“Yeah,” James looked pointedly at my finger, then back at me.
“Sorry,” I said, putting my hands up as if I was surrendering as I smiled down at her. “Force of habit.”
“You just hangin’ out tonight?” James asked.
“Yeah, meeting some of the guys to shoot pool,” I replied. “What about you? That your new old lady?”
“Who, Sam?” James asked, pointing at the seat the girl had been sitting in. “Nah, man. We just hang. She’s straight. Why the interest?”
“Just gathering intel,” I said with a smile. She looked in my eyes and knew exactly what I meant by that. I smiled wider. “That a problem?”
“Nope. She’s not with anyone,” James replied, signaling to waitress to bring her another drink. “But I have to warn you, she’s not really the type you usually go for.”
“How’s that,” I asked, curious.
“Let’s just say she’s not going to scratch that itch in your pants.”

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  1. The imagery is fantastic. Sounds like Sam is going to give Judd a run for his money.

  2. I love it! I don't know what else to say; I'm still caught up in the scene. LOL Can't wait to read more!

  3. Can I just say Judd sounds hot? Where have you been all my life, Bethany? I have some major reading to catch up with because you sure can write a damn good story if this is nothing but a teaser.

  4. Oh, Judd is in for more than he bargained for, isn't he? Very good.

  5. Spicy! Judd sounds like a real guy, and Sam may just be what he needs :)

    Great teaser.

  6. Thanks, guys. I'm thrilled that you like it!

  7. LOVE IT! Great scene. I love that it's from the guys pov. Can't wait to read more :)