Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Christmas Come Early is FREE 12/16 - 12/20


🎄 #FREE ~ Christmas Come Early 🎄

🎁 A Sexy Holiday Short Story 🎁

❄️ Interning over the holidays at an Easy Listening Radio Station may not be rock-lover Jules's ideal position, but she's eager to get her foot in the door and begin her journey towards her dream of being a DJ. When she meets co-intern Seth, she's not impressed by his farm boy, country style, but you can't always judge a man by his khaki pants. ❄️ At first glance, Seth knows Jules is the kind of girl his mother always warned him about, and his brothers encouraged him to seek out in the city. More interested in music and lyrics than the DJ booth, Seth wants to learn everything he can about the business, but welcomes the kind of distraction that Jules provides. ❄️ Can the magic of Christmas bring this country boy and rocker girl together, or will their spark die out when the holidays over?

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