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Ready for a New Season of Mason Creek?

Are you ready to visit MASON CREEK once more?
Releasing in 2022 but all books are available for #PREORDER!

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🌲 PERFECT HATE by Fabiola Francisco -
Releasing Jan. 6th ➜ When I walk into my bakery and find every inch covered in water, I feel my world tumbling down. Taking over my grandmother’s bakery has always been my dream, and I can’t let it fall apart. But I have to rely on the man I hate in order to make it all better. Brayden is my only hope. Except the hatred is mutual, and he will do anything to make me miserable.

🌲 PERFECT PLAN by Cary Hart -
Releasing Jan. 20th ➜ When Joey decides to stay in Mason Creek a little while longer than planned, Cole Jackson comes to the rescue and volunteers a room at his place... and his unsolicited advice on how to land the perfect cowboy. 

Cole quickly realizes Joey is perfect for him in every way and that he’d much rather be lovers than friends. There is only one way out of this... the perfect plan? Sabotage. 

Releasing Feb. 3rd ➜ Trouble always seems to find Will Murphy. Or maybe it's Will that’s the trouble. His disregard for his actions and his constant lack of responsibilities are his trademark.

One kiss from a sweet girl like Miley Reese may be exactly what he needs. It just might be the jolt of electricity that motivates him to get his act together.

🌲 PERFECT BASTARD by by Terri E. Laine -
Releasing Feb. 17th ➜ Nate Bowmen goes home to Mason Creek to save his MLB career by staying out of the headlines during the off-season. Meeting Avery is a temptation that could screw that up. As Avery’s family has a score to settle with the Bowmen’s, falling in love with the bastard was never a part of the plan.

🌲 PERFECT STRANGER by A.M. Hargrove -
Releasing March 3rd ➜ Miller Campbell, Mason Creek’s newest doctor, is called to a car accident where he finds Mariah McCarthy, who's been severely injured.

Mariah is hiding something and trusts no one, not even the handsome doctor who wants to help.

🌲 PERFECT CHANCE by Molly McLain -
Releasing March 13th ➜ We shared a single night together. No last names, no strings, no promises. Two months later, chance brings us together again. But this time around, things aren’t nearly as simple. In fact, they’re downright complicated.

🌲 PERFECT CASANOVA by Fabiola Fransisco -
Releasing March 31st ➜ When I move next door to a sexy cowboy, I know right away that he’s trouble. I won’t fall for his charm, though. My priority is keeping my son safe and starting fresh in this new town. But Levi keeps on knocking on my door, showing me what life could be like if I let my guard down.

🌲 PERFECT PROBLEM by by Cary Hart -
Releasing April 14th ➜ Savannah spent her summers in Mason Creek, from chasing fireflies to falling in love... it holds a lot of firsts for her. 

Including Jase. They made a pact to stay in touch, but like all best laid plans they fell apart. When a funeral brings them both back to town, a second chance at love becomes the perfect problem. 

🌲 PERFECT HERO by A.D. Justice -
Releasing April 28th ➜ Ransom King left Mason Creek after school and never returned, seeking danger and thrills the small town can’t provide. He’s hot on the trail of the man who’s eluded him for years, when that path takes the lone wolf straight back home. What he didn’t expect was to run into her again. Miranda Moore is the one who got away years ago… and the one he can’t forget.

🌲 PERFECT RUMOR by C.A. Harms -
Releasing May 12th ➜ Leo Reid has always had a thing for the town gossip columnist, but Tate Michaels is one hard woman to get to know. That doesn’t stop Leo from doing all he can to chip away at the edges. Little by little, day by day, she slowly lets him in.

But as life would have it, the tables have turned and now, the columnist is the focus of all the town's gossip and rumors.

🌲 PERFECT HIDEAWAY by Bethany Lopez -
Releasing May 26th ➜ Being a retired military man and owner of my own security company made moving back home to help my dad an easy decision. He’s always been there for me, so I'd drop anything to be there for him. When my new superstar client needs to hide away from the paparazzi, I figure Mason Creek is the perfect place for her to lay low. Too bad that while I was protecting her, I wasn’t protecting my heart.

🌲 PERFECT GUY by Fabiola Fransisco -
Releasing June 9th ➜ After a terrible experience, I decide to move back home and help my family run our ranch. When I start to work a side job as an architect, it brings Canaan and me closer together. The guy I’ve known most of my life is suddenly luring me in with his playful charm. But when tragedy strikes, will we end up in a pile of faded memories?

🌲 PERFECT COWBOY by A.M. Hargrove -
Releasing June 23rd ➜ Having been born and raised in Mason Creek, I’ve been around cowboys my entire life. 
Ranchers are part of the Montana scene.
But their cocky attitude make me turn in the opposite direction. 
Until Bo Christiansen comes to town.
His ability to rope cattle isn’t the only thing that captivates me. 
Except like all the others, I’m sure he is just another pretty face.

🌲 PERFECT DATE by Jennifer Miller -
Releasing July 7th ➜ Mason Creek’s newest single resident, Charlotte Knight is looking for love in all the wrong places apparently. Desperate to find “the one” and get her happily ever after, she gives online dating a try.

Not wanting to get the small town gossip wheels turning, she meets all her dates at a bar in the next town over. And sexy bartender, Justin Gray has a front row seat to the disaster that has become her love life. When he offers to fake date her in order to show her what a perfect date is supposed to be like things get real complicated, real fast.

🌲 PERFECT PACT by Cary Hart -
Releasing July 21st ➜ Life hasn’t been easy for Beth, and her sexy new neighbor isn’t making it any easier. When she inherits a beautiful old barn in Mason Creek, things are looking up... until she meets the stubborn cowboy next door. 

Turns out the old man she cared for left her the barn, and his absentee  grandson the house. The problem? One driveway shared between the two. In order to turn the rustic barn into her dream venue, she will have to make a deal with the handsome devil standing in her way. She knew the price would be high... but a date? Will making a perfect pact cost her something she can’t afford... her heart?

🌲 PERFECT MELODY by Lauren Runow -
Releasing Aug. 4th ➜ Matthew Simms has two goals in life, merry his high school sweetheart, Hannah, and play in the MLB some day. Coming from Mason Creek, he always assumed he'd be his and Hannah's ticket out of the small town, but when Hannah shows off her talents that she held hidden for so many years some plans change. Will love or following your dreams win over everything else when decisions have to be mad?

🌲 PERFECT ATTRACTION by Terri E. Laine -
Releasing Aug. 18th ➜ Mitch Bowmen didn’t have plans to be an instant father. But fate decided for him. Hiring Sunshine to help him navigate his new family situation was the right move. Acting on his deep attraction for her isn’t. Especially since her life is more complicated than his.

🌲 PERFECT FALL by Bethany Lopez -
Releasing Sept. 1st ➜ When my brother asked me to move back home and join his security team, I jumped at the chance. A string of bad luck left me in need of a job and a place to stay, which meant bunking with my dad at my childhood home in Mason Creek. Imagine my surprise when I bump into my best friend on my first day back, but instead of the tomboy from my favorite memories, she’s a beautiful brunette wearing the perfect smile I'd always loved. It’s a sight that knocks me on my ass... literally.

🌲 PERFECT SCANDAL by Molly McLain -
Releasing Sept. 15th ➜ Not only is she too young for me, she’s my boss’s sister, too. Off-limits and completely out of my league. The thing is…she wants me. And I’m not the kind of man to deny a beautiful woman of what she wants.

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