Sunday, December 9, 2012

#Sample Sunday ~ I Choose You by @BethanyLopez2

Happy Sunday!

I would like to start off by saying that I am immensely grateful and thrilled with the response to Make it Last. I am working hard to get the second book in the Friends & Lovers trilogy, I Choose You completed and to you as soon as possible. The cover reveal is scheduled for this week, on Dec 13th, and I am shooting for a Jan 8th release date. In addition, I have started the third book in the trilogy, Trust in Me.

For now, here is a sample of I Choose You. Let me know what you think!

Kent woke to the sound of his phone buzzing. He whipped an arm out from under the strewn sheet and searched in vain for the annoying device.
Just when he started to drift off, the incessant buzzing started again.
He sat up angrily, his hand coming up to cradle his pounding head.
He may have played a little too much poker, and drank a few too many black and tans, the night before.
When his feet hit the floor, he swore under his breath when his heel made contact with his phone. When he felt the vibration under his foot, he grimaced and reached down to pick it up.
He gingerly opened one eye and flinched at the pain that seemed to radiate from his head.
How many shots had they done?
He was finally able to focus enough to look at his phone so he could see who the ass-pain that had been texting him all morning was…
He should have known, Roni.
Looked like she had been nagging him via text since early that morning.
“Nic is upset at your behavior last night… You’d better MAN UP...”
She had sent the same text twenty times in the last three hours.
He threw his phone down on the bed, then went to get some aspirin and a little “hair of the dog.”
Two hours later Kent was standing in front of Roni and Nicole’s apartment, headache free, holding a bunch of flowers and wondering if he really wanted to get this invested in a girl right now.
His six foot frame had him taking up most of the space in the narrow hallway. He paused before knocking, debating internally with himself.
He felt bad about offending her, and he really did want to get to know her better, but was he sending the wrong message by showing up on her doorstep, with daisies, to ask her on a date? Was he really interested in dating right now?
An image of Nicole flashed in his mind.
Yes, she was blonde, beautiful, and had a killer body, but she also had a wonderful innocence about her. A sweetness… And when she smiled, his heart seemed to shift in his chest.
That image alone should have sent warning bells off in his head; but instead, he raised his hand and knocked loudly.