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Five Random Things About Me ~ Authors After Dark

Five Random Things About Me ~ Bethany Lopez

My Bio Pic

1. I change my hair style and color constantly. Usually every six weeks or so. I've been dying my hair since I was sixteen, and I get bored with it pretty quickly. It's currently highlighted blonde with red streaks, but I have a hair appt on Monday before the Con, so it will probably change! 

Me with two members of my Street Team at UtopYA

2. I just retired from the Air Force on Aug 1st. It's weird saying I'm a retiree at 38. My husband and I met when we were stationed in Belgium in 2000.

My husband and I in the Spring of 2013

3. When I was a kid living in the outskirts of San Antonio, I used to write horror stories. I wrote a play about Bloody Mary, Donkey Lady, and the Wolfman, and a short story about a monster that lived in a Coke Machine. I used to scare my friends so badly, that they had to sleep with the light on.

Chef Irvine came to visit us overseas when I was deployed

4. In between my Active Duty years, I left and joined the Reserves. During that time I managed restaurants in Las Vegas. I Managed the CPK in The Mirage, the Caribe Cafe in The Mirage (which is no longer there), and The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas. I met some amazing people, and had a great time, but I don't plan on going back into Restaurant Management now that I'm retired.

This was me at The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas in 2009

5. My son, who is 11, plays baseball, and has for a few years. I'm a totally crazy, loud, baseball mom. I buy t-shirts and tanks from tee spring all the time that have different baseball sayings. I paint the windows of my van, paint my fingernails, and buys clothes for my 6 year old, to show our team spirit. My son laughs because he can hear me yelling during the games. I totally love it. He just signed up for football, so I'm looking forward to becoming a whole new kind of crazy!

My son made the All-Star Team this year ~ They went to State!!!

This will be my first year at AAD, and I'm pretty nervous. There is a lot going on, and I hope that I don't forget anything. I've already started packing to ensure that I don't. I'm excited to meet everyone, so please don't be shy about saying hi when you see me! :)

Here are the covers of my books, to give you an idea of what I write:

I also write YA books. I have a series, Stories about Melissa, and a stand alone, Nissa: a contemporary fairy tale. Which is my only fantasy book at this time. I won't be bringing my YA books with me to AAD, but I will have my NA Romance titles above. 

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