Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sample Sunday - Nissa: a contemporary fairy tale

Happy Sunday!

Here is a sample of one of my current WIP's. It is an Upper YA Contemporary Fantasy and I hope you enjoy this little snippet!

Nissa: a contemporary fairy tale

We walked onto the court and along the sidelines towards where the guys were. A few of Levi’s friends were still out shooting baskets, while two others were talking over by the bleachers. Levi was getting a drink of water. When he saw us he walked over to grab his bag.

As he walked he pulled the grey Nike t-shirt over his head, revealing a smattering of black tattoos that had been hidden under his shirt. I felt my mouth go dry and my throat start to close.

I’m afraid I may have whimpered a bit.

It was like a gift had been hidden from the world and now was revealed.

The black tattoos covered his upper arm and shoulder and spread out and over his chest. The design was basic and simple, but the effect it had on me was staggering.

When he reached us, his dark hair tousled with sweat beading up on his body, he used his t-shirt as a rag to wipe his face.

I didn’t notice that I was touching him until I saw the look on his face.

He stared down at me with a smile and chuckled.

My finger was tracing the design of the tattoo on his bicep. It seemed like I no longer had control of my emotions or my own body.

I jerked my hand away mumbling an apology. He just said, “No problem,” while Vicky looked at me like I had grown another head.

I was mortified.


  1. Well...looks like I need to get to know Levi...and soon!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gah--this is one of my favorite scenes! Thanks for posting it. :D

    1. Thanks for reading it and being excited along with me!