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Release Day Blitz for Dreamscape by Christie Rich

The day is finally here! Dreamscape is the first book in the Netherworld series by Christie Rich, and because I'm awesome, I'm helping her out today!

Here's the blurb:

Every night before Amelia falls asleep she makes a wish to dream of him – the man who calls her to their beautiful private oasis, her sanctuary where she is free of her greedy landlord’s threats. But tonight, he will not call Amelia to him. Tonight, another man will step into her world to claim her. Tonight, Amelia’s shattering reality will crumble - and disappear into the Dreamscape…along with her freedom.

When Amelia dreams tonight, her nightmare becomes her new world where Seth is her captor and anything is possible…except escape. Seth needs Amelia to break the curse that binds him to the Dreamscape. He must convince her that she was made to free him, that she was made to join him.

For if he fails, he will never escape his prison, and he will lose Earth to the Netherworld where the evil Erobos wait to consume the human realm and everything in it. If he fails, Seth will lose the one thing that matters to him: Amelia.

How about an excerpt?


Varner’s voice cuts through the front door

just before three juddering bangs reach me. “I know you’re in there, Amelia. If

you’re not gone by eight, I’m coming in.” His voice lowers, probably to avoid

wandering ears. My spine stiffens more with each word. “You’d better be ready

for me if you decide to stay.”

I’ve already packed my stuff. Pitiful as it

is, one beat-up suitcase sits by the door.


I turn up the volume on my MP3 player until

it won’t go any higher, clutching Justine’s picture to my chest. “Yeah!” I

yell, my voice tight with anger. Hot tears cut a path down my cheeks. I scrub

them away before they can slide any farther. To take my mind off the pit in my

stomach, I grit my teeth until my jaw hurts. I need more time, but I’m not

about to give Varner what he wants for it. “I got it. Go! Away!” I pull one bud

out of my ear to make sure he’s leaving.

He says something about not signing leases

with old ladies before his voice fades into nothing. The lecher thinks he’s got


Ha. No one has me, especially not him. And

to think I used to consider him cute.

When I told Varner ‘no’ earlier, he didn’t

exactly take me at my word, until I landed a good hit to his jugular. He shoved

me down, and I let him go. On his way out he made no pretense about eyeing

what’s left of Justine’s china doll collection. The minute he was through the

door, I smashed the majority of them rather than have him get his hands on

them. I really don’t have room, but I couldn’t destroy her favorite. She said

it looked just like me.

I sold everything else to make last month’s

rent, but I ran out of time with the dolls. I was hoping for a collector.

It doesn’t matter now.

Even though I’ve tried to pick up extra

shifts at the diner, tips have been awful. I have two hundred bucks in my

account, which Varner is not getting a penny of. I need everything I have to

find a place to live. The reality of the moment sets in. This is my final night

in Justine’s apartment.

The shabby place shouldn’t mean anything to

me, but it still smells like her. She had this sweet perfume that she liked to

slather on. I got used to it after a while. She wasn’t exactly old, either.

Varner’s just too strung out to know the difference. He doesn’t even own the

place, but he’s way better to deal with than his psychotic uncle, who likes to

call me his chipmunk when nobody else is looking. One way or another, I’ll be

out of here by six.

Justine used to say, “Stay sharp, kid. No

one knows when their time’s up.” Well, she sure didn’t. Justine was my grandma.

She died last month at only fifty-eight. She didn’t even get a lousy funeral.

They stuck her in a furnace and handed me her remains. I took her up Provo

canyon to Sundance and watched her float away on the wind. The cremation was

expensive enough that I couldn’t afford a separate plot for her. I couldn’t

have brought myself to visit the cemetery anyway. Besides, we all crumble to

dust one way or another. She is better off flying.

No matter what my life becomes, Justine

saved me from tumbling around the foster system. I had a few years of stable,

and I’ll never forget what she did for me. She helped me to see there are other

ways of living. Although we didn’t have much to live on, we were never short on


I miss her fiercely. If she were here, she’d

tell me to get over it, so I’m trying.

Thank my lucky stars she waited until I got

my diploma to ditch me; although, I’m not quite sure how it’ll help me now. I’m

alone in this world.

My mom only made it to twenty-one before she

overdosed on crack. My dad lasted to a ripe old age of thirty. He got killed in

some weird accident when I was twelve. I never saw him anyway, so my life

hasn’t been much different since he bit it. As far as I know, he was short on

family too. If he does have family stashed somewhere on this planet, I probably

wouldn’t want to know them. He never did a thing for me, so why would they?

Justine was my ticket to normal, and she

left me with no money, no prospects—unless you count the hazy offer I got from


I hang out with him when I have nothing else

to do. When I told him the news he graciously asked me to share his pad under

the viaduct. I gave him a swift ‘no thank you’ even though I should have told

him not even if I weren’t half his age and he had most of his teeth. I couldn’t

hurt his feelings like that. One day, once I’m settled and he’s still around,

I’m going to do something to help him.

If I hadn’t just turned eighteen I might

have found somewhere to camp in the foster system for a while. As horrible of a

thought as it is, being homeless is probably better than wading through

families until one stuck or I got kicked out again.

With nothing else to do, I try to sleep. Try

is the operative word. Ever since my grandma went, I can’t seem to stay in slumberland.

It doesn’t help that I haven’t seen Jason, either.

Although Jason is a figment of my

imagination, he’s helped me through some rough times. I’ve dreamt of him every

night for nearly four years now, at least I used to. I haven’t had that particular

dream in two weeks, and as stupid as it is, I miss him. After Justine died, he

held me on the grass while I cried, listening to the beat of his heart and the

thrum of the waterfall behind us. I’ve wished him alive or that I could join

him in that place for good so many times. I cry every time I wake up without


Maybe it’s for the best that he’s gone.

Dreams aren’t real, and a dream boyfriend can’t help me find a new place to


I shift onto my side, adjusting my pillow,

trying not to think about the dingy beige carpet under my arms. It prickles my

skin, but everything else is gone. Even if I hadn’t already packed the one I

kept, it’s too hot for a blanket.

Focusing on the beat of the music, I sway,

Justine’s picture lying beside me, and will myself to sleep. Somewhere between

my thoughts about tomorrow and dawn I drift away.

My dreams shift and whirl until my mind

rests in the familiar oasis I’ve sought out for years. Finally.

The afternoon sun warms my moistened skin as

I take in the jagged cliffs in front of me and the thick jungle that surrounds

the pool, trying to locate him. The breeze brings an intoxicating aroma of

tropical blooms. Every time I come here, I’m wet, yet I don’t know how I got

that way. “Jason?” I call.

No answer.

Where is he?

My teeth clamp onto the inside of my upper

lip. I’ve never been away from the water, but I need to find him. He has to be


If nothing else, I’d like to tell him

goodbye…thank you. I have no idea if I’ll see him again, and his absence

presses in on me. This world is not right without him.

The cool grass bends under my bare feet

while a breeze blows wet tendrils into my eyes. I glance up at the falls. Last

time I was here, Jason dared me to dive from the top of the waterfall. Here, I

can do anything. Fear is meaningless, or is it? Strangely, tension prickles my


A foreign tremor rushes along my skin,

leaving a trail of goose bumps in its wake. I scan every inch of the landscape

until my eyes meet someone else’s gaze.

It is not Jason.

The man is tall with dark hair like Jason,

but everything else about him is wrong. He’s standing twenty feet away from me

at the edge of the jungle. The wind picks up, blowing his brown locks around

his chiseled features.

As he steps closer, I glance behind me to

the pool, judging the distance. I should be able to get away from him if I need


When I face him again, he’s standing

directly in front of me. My heart explodes and my body coils to run.

He doesn’t move to touch me, but his eyes

hold a warning his lips confirm. “We have no time. He’s coming for you. Learn

all you can then find me. Prepare yourself!”

I jolt upright, my fingers digging into the

carpet. I’m breathing so hard I have to wait a minute to stand up. What the

hell kind of dream was that?

Somehow, I always thought the oasis was mine

and Jason’s, as if no one else existed but us. That guy violated our sanctuary.

A gusty laugh comes out of me from the thought. A dream man violated my dream.

His warning still echoes in my throbbing veins.

A bit unsteady, I make my way into the

kitchen. My fingers fumble for the light switch, but nothing happens when I

flip it. Yeah, I forgot. The power was shut off yesterday. At least the water

still works.

I hope.

Clutching my cup, I fiddle with the sink

until I finally get the knob to twist. The tepid water eases my dry throat, but

it does nothing for my nerves, or my belly. It groans at me again. I’m going to

have to eat soon, even if I have to check the dumpsters behind Fred’s Bakery.

There’s no point in checking the fridge. I found the final remnants of food the

day before last. For not the first time, I wonder what I’m going to do when

tomorrow comes. Two hundred dollars aren’t enough for anything. Even if I use

it only for food, it will disappear before I get paid again, and that’s

assuming I don’t get canned for not having a mailing address.

Even though it’s three AM, I’m gonna head

out. I have a lot to do today, and since I can’t sleep, I might as well get

started. When I find the faucet again and shut it off, my ears prickle with an

unwelcome noise.

A door creeks open and I stiffen where I



All I’ve got to defend myself are my fists,

my feet and my plastic cup. My knife is in my bag. Light from the living room

filters through the doorway. He probably thinks he’s gonna blind me with his

flashlight so he can get his greedy hands on me. Not in this lifetime.

I inch my way to the doorway and peek around

it. What meets my gaze doesn’t make any sense.

A man stands opposite me, framed by the

closet. His big body could never be mistaken for that of Varner Walsh.

The light behind him comes from a roaring

fire that somehow spans forever. Orange flames dance and flicker, casting his

face in shadow while haloing him in gold.

I’m dreaming. I have to be.

I’ve had some weird ones lately, but nothing

has been as real as this. When I dig my nails into my palms, the dream theory

disintegrates with the pain.

Maybe he’s a fireman, but where’s the smoke?

Why aren’t the flames burning anything? Where’s his gear? He’s wearing a suit

for hell’s sake.

His face turns as if he’s scanning the room,

so I take the opportunity to scurry to the opposite wall.

My pulse pounds in my ears and sweat drips

down my back. From here, the front door is four, maybe five lunges away. If he

goes into the bedroom, I might be able to—

“Amelia?” he calls, his deep voice somehow


That’s impossible. I don’t know him, but

even if I did I wouldn’t stick around. Who told this guy I was here? He can’t

be with Child Protective Services. I no longer qualify. My mind flits back to

the weird fire. I’m not sticking around to figure out his magic act.

I make my move, jetting through the

near-empty living room. My fingers fumble with the bolt before I move for the

lock on the knob. I’m taking too long. He’s going to—

Arms clamp around me, hauling me up against

a wall of muscle. The shock nearly makes me pee myself. My mouth opens on a

scream, but he whirls me around and tosses me over his shoulder, cutting off my


I kick and punch and bite into cloth. He twists

around, making my head spin on delirium.

I scream for help, but my throat thickens

immediately. I struggle to breathe. I can’t think.

He bends until my face is right over his

rear end, but he stands up before I can sink my teeth into anything substantial.

As if he’s getting comfortable, he jostles me around. My pulse quickens while

my head hurts from the rush of blood and fear. When he moves toward the closet,

I find my voice.

“Help!” I scream, kicking and punching

against his hard muscles.

No one answers as he plunges us into the


I expect death, but what I get is deposited

on my rear end in a spacious room with a wall of fire at my back. My eyes sweep

the perimeter of what looks like an upscale apartment with a bed tucked in one

corner and a living area in front of me. The dark paneled walls lend an old

world feel that is only mirrored by the heavy furnishings. There are rich

velvets and leather. Even the air is different. Instead of Justine’s sweet

scent, a dark musk fills the space.

How is this possible? We were just in my

hall closet.

The man steps away from me. His chest lifts

with each sharp breath he takes.

The flames should have fried me, but I’m

here. I have to be dreaming. The only thing is, I don’t quite think I am. It’s

absurd to think that, but the heat from the fire wall has intensified now that

the guy is standing away from me. Sweat drips down my scalp and my shirt clings

to my back. I’m going to have to move soon.

The only thing is I don’t know what this guy

will do. I turn my head and look through the flames, but all I see is a huge

pendulum, like from a clock, swinging back and forth.

All of the sudden the flames disappear and

all that remains is a crevice that runs the length of what should be a wall.

The pendulum is easier to see now, at least the lower half. The upper part of

it is cut off by the ceiling. Only darkness lies beyond the fire pit, like it

opens into a cavern.

This has got to be the strangest place I’ve

ever seen.

“I know you must be frightened,” says the

man. “I’m sorry about that. I have much to explain to you. Would you please

join me on the sofa?”

“As if,” I tell him. Even though I’m still

thinking this has to be a dream, I ask, “Who are you? What is this place? Why

am I here?”

His voice comes out low, guttural. “You

don’t remember me?”

“I’ve never seen you in my life.”

Intense blue eyes latch onto mine. “Things

are not always what they appear, Amelia.”

This is a dream. He’s a figment of my


A smile stretches on his full lips. “In

time, all will be revealed.”

He takes a step toward me and I jump to my

feet. I move back and back until my feet are near the pit. Even this close, I

can’t see what’s beyond it.

“Stay away from me,” I tell him.

He spreads his hands, but his eyes are wild.

Veins on his forearms bulge as he puts his hands in his pockets. “Please. Let

me explain.”

I nod, taking a seat on the floor again.

There is no way I’m getting anywhere near him, dream or not.

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