Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Special Christmas Interview with Author Shawnte' Borris

1. What is your favorite Christmas movie? Is there a reason/tradition behind your pick?

ELF - because who doesn't want to answer the phone at Christmas time, "Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?"

Yes we all fight for the phone this time of year so we can say it :)

2. If you could kiss anyone under the mistletoe, who would it be??? (Significant others not allowed!)

This is gonna get me into some big trouble ...
1) Ripp Baker - because I already licked his abs
2) Nathan Weller - he's hot and a goat farmer (ha! bet you didn't see that coming)
3)Luke Perry - he was my first crush and who doesn't love 90210!

3. What was the best, and worst, Christmas you ever had?

Worst - bare with me here. I was 12 and we went to my great aunts for Christmas. My mom forgot our stocking stuffers and half of the gifts in the garage at home. I got my lady visit for the first time and the only one that had a pad was my great grandma, yes that's right great grandma and we all know what kind of 2x4 they have and third my cousin was left in the upper bathroom yelling for toilet paper while we were all eating dinner. No one noticed he wasn't at the table until we were eating dessert. (OMG that's funnier then I remember it)

Best - I always have a great time at my in-laws. I get excited every year because I don't have to cook, the kids are old enough for the dishes and we all sit around play games and always share tons and tons of laughs.

4. What is your favorite thing about Christmas?

I love Christmas lights! I take my family and we drive around communities to see who has the best light display. My tree goes up November 12th despite what my husband says. I have more lights on my tree then ornaments. Funny though- I hardly decorate the outside of my house/yard?? What's up with that?

5. Which character that you've written loves Christmas the most? Worst? Why?

Ally (With Love) loves Christmas the most because she understands the real meaning behind it with the loss of her family, especially not having her children with her any longer. However if you read the book, you know Luke and his family opens her to a whole new world of love for Christmas. (Maybe these two should be a Christmas Novella?)

Thanks, Shawnte'!

How to find Shawnte':

Shawnté lives in central Alberta, with her husband Ricky of eleven amazing years and together they have two beautiful children. Somehow her husband has managed to trick her into running a cow/calf operation. As much as she fusses about it, she loves it.

When Shawnté is not sitting at her kitchen table hammering away on her laptop while watching the moose chase her cows across the yard, yes this really happens. Then she is busy attend school activities, community events and chauffeuring children here and there. She is big on playing softball and watching hockey.

When the time comes to relax, you will find her snuggled underneath her down comforter reading on her Ipad. Wait…who are we kidding, if the dishes, vacuuming, laundry or the bathrooms needs a hose down, you’ll always hear her say, “Just after this chapter.” She doesn’t have a favorite author or best story because everyday she falls in love with someone new.

Shawnté is technology challenged so you won’t find her on twitter (heaven knows she tried) or instagram – whatever this stuff is called. But she can work one hell of a facebook page J thanks to her fictitious assistant Lacy. Please go like her page and leave a review/star rating on the books she’s wrote.

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