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New Release ~ Jude by Hailey Storm

Jude by Hailey Storm

Available for $2.99 or Free on KU

As the new Alpha to the pack, Jude Wilder is determined to take things in a new direction. Improving human relations seems to be the perfect start. But when he opts to hire a human chef to cater a traditional pack gathering he gets more than he bargained for. While some in the pack might not be happy with the decision, his wolf most certainly is. 

Sophia Davis wants nothing to do with shifters. In her eyes, they only cause trouble and create chaos wherever they go. However, when her brother reaches out for help in clearing his debt with a local group of shady coyotes Sophia’s given an ultimatum that forces her to set her aversions aside. 

As old misconceptions fade away and a new light is ignited from within the two find something in one another they never thought possible, but the stakes are high and more is at risk than the possibility of a broken heart when all is said and done.

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Release of Screwing Around (Tinseltown Temptress, book2) by Alexis Wilder

 Blitz: Screwing Around by Alexis Wilder

Series: Tinseltown Temptress, Book Two

Release Date: November 23rd, 2016

Join the party on Facebook for a chance to win! ✰✰ Door prize drawings will begin a little after 8pm EST and all prizes will be awarded by 10 pm EST on facebook, 10:30 on Tumblr. ✰✰

Screw Up ~ free Nov 21 - 25
Screwing Around ~ free Nov 24 - 27

The world’s first celebrity sex reporter finds navigating the private lives of Hollywood’s elite more treacherous than titillating. Cassie rallies her seductive forces in time to persuade her editor, Mr. Wilcox to rehire her at TFP, but her troubles are far from over. How lucky can one girl get? Run-ins with her ex, rando drummers, (Scandinavian film star and general loon) MH, and even a gun wielding psycho threaten to derail Cassie’s hunt for professional grade, celebrity level, sexual fulfillment. Her articles as the Tinseltown Temptress have become more popular than ever costing her friends, privacy, and peace of mind. And while her notoriety affords her a certain measure of job security it also makes keeping her secret involvement in the whole scandalous business harder than ever. Between locating her thieving mother and defending her home from interlopers, both foreign and domestic, Cassie is in over her head. Add in the constant pressures of finding suitable film stars to screw and bestie Matt breathing down her neck for his investment capital, and it’s plain why the woman feels so swamped. Clinging to the loose threads of all the lies, Cassie tries to stay afloat while blazing a torpid trail through the ranks of Hollywood’s finest in search of her happy ending.

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Also Available: Screw Up Book One

A desperate writer must learn to embrace her inner bombshell when she lands a covert job as the world's first celebrity sex reporter. Cassie has hit hard times. She can't find a job, her mother is prison bound, and her love life jumped a plane and fled to another continent. What’s an ardent fangirl to do? When a handsome new acquaintance offers her a lucrative position writing for his online celebustalk publication, TenFootPole, Cassie jumps at the chance to make some real money doing what she loves. The only catch is the subject matter. She’s assigned the gossip rag’s new beat, the sex desk, and must score with big names and tell all. In graphic detail. Publishing under the Tinseltown Temptress pseudonym is supposed to shield her, but she soon realizes that no amount of anonymity would be enough to protect her from the repercussions of her notorious stories. As her personal life circles the drain, Cassie grasps for handholds in all the wrong laps and struggles to keep her head above the shark infested water. When her investment in a friend’s all male revue is put in jeopardy, she must rally her seductive forces or sink forever under the waves.

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 Screwing Around Excerpt:

James T. Wilcox, Cassie’s boss
at TFP.mag, just roused her out of bed early in the afternoon to discuss his
plans for her upcoming article. She’s busy making excuses.


“An appreciative, philandering movie star is hard to find?”
“You should have gone after SEK like I suggested.”
“I love his characters way too much to ruin it with fangirl
sex. Plus, he might have turned me down too.”
“He would have taken the bait, guaranteed.”
“Am I, personally, the bait? Or just my genitalia?”
“Don’t read too much into fishing metaphors. It’s a
ridiculous hobby to begin with.”
“Wait, does he fish or something?”
“I don’t fucking know. Look,” he took a silver pen out of
his pocket and uncapped it. His other hand slowly breached the distance between
them and touched her shoulder. He slid his fingers down, lightly brushing the
side of Cassie’s breast where it pressed against the inside of her arm. His
caress continued down, and now she held her breath. He stopped at Cassie’s
wrist, encircling it and drawing her hand up toward him over the counter. She
thought he was about to kiss her palm. Instead, he started writing on it,
“here’s his phone number. Call him and set up a date.”
She let out my breath explosively and jerked her hand away
so the last number, an 8, had a long trailer on top. “What the hell do you
mean, a date?”
“I know him, all right. He wants to meet you.”
“Meet me? And go on a date? Let me guess, it was his
suggestion that I write an article about him. Which means sex.”
“If things go well.”
“So now you’re pimping me out to your friends?”
“Hardly.” He stood and gulped down the last of his coffee
before starting around the island toward her.
She backed away, terrified that his nearness would break
some barrier she had created and she’d be powerless to resist his attentions.
He stopped his advance and shook his head, giving her a
knowing, disappointed look before starting for the door. “Fine. Look Sid, do
you need a place to crash? You could always use the little townhouse downtown.
You remember it right?”
The little townhouse that they’d most recently copulated in.
“Yes, I remember it.”
He just watched her face for a few beats, licked his lower
lip. “I’m hardly ever there and it mostly just stores all my stuff that doesn’t
‘go’ with the house. Which is all of my stuff.”
“No, thanks. I’ve got it covered.”
“I’ll text you the lock code just in case your plans fall
through. It sits empty in between vicious bouts of legal separation. Someone
should use it.” He stood near the door with his hands in his pockets. “And you
should go after SEK. You deserve a nice night out for a change.”
“I don’t know. I really love his films.”
“That’s why I’m positive he’ll be a better story than RG.”
“Take it from a person who occasionally has feelings and
emotions, I really like the RG story as is, despite the rejection. I think it’s
my favorite so far.”
“That two-bit hack was your favorite lay of this whole
“Of course not, we didn’t even consummate, as you’ve so
carefully pointed out over and over. He’s been my favorite article of the
series and the most satisfactory individual case study on the subject matter at
As they spoke, something invisible seemed to draw them
closer and closer. “Which is what if not sex?”
“Oh it’s sex, but not how you mean it.”
“Fine. Redefine sex. Your satisfaction means the world to
me.” He swung her door open and took a few steps away from her. He turned and
stood in her doorway looking like a Wall Street Journal centerfold. It took
every bit of self-control Cassie possessed not to pull him back in and peel him
out of his suit. Instead, she gripped her robe even more forcefully closed and
counted backwards in her head. She felt desperate to get the wolf out and the
door safely re-locked.
“I have a deal for you.”
“Are we about to modify my contract, again?”
“I’ll publish the RG piece as written, has been, prick, lead
singer finale and all. If you’ll try SEK out. When I get your article on him,
I’ll pay you out for both at once.”
“Should I bother to counter offer?”
“Not unless you’re going to invite me back inside.”
“Fine. I’ll text him.”
“Call him.”
“Thanks. I forgot for a second that you’re both so old. I’ll
call him.”
“Thanks. And fix your hair.”
Her hand shot up onto her hair knots while bolting the door,
Wilcox safely on the other side, and she inwardly cursed herself for forgetting
she still had them in. It was then she remembered she’d wanted to change the
end of the article to better obscure the identity of a certain lead singer.
Wilcox would demand even more concessions from her for the favor so she decided
to forget it and let it lie. Cassie thought of all the strategies she’d cooked
up to avoid screwing around with her boss and wondered again why she even
bothered. His personality (imagine, waking someone up and then criticizing the state
of their hair!) should have been more than enough.
Needing another start to her day, Cassie turned on the
coffee pot, covered her knots up with a pink shower cap and got into a steamy
shower to shave. Remoisturized, she took out her hair and got her part in,
leaving the rest loose and bouncy. She wrapped herself up in a seen-better-days
beach towel and detoured into the kitchen for a mug to sip on while she got
dressed. Cassie splashed in her cream and sipped it once before turning to head
back to her bedroom.
“Any left for me?”
She jumped and spilled some coffee on the hardwood but
didn’t scream. She would know that voice anywhere. She spun to see MH sitting
relaxed on her couch, all huge, golden and beautiful in jeans and a tee. He was
in her apartment. Shit, Lenny’s apartment.
She took a deep breath and got a hold of herself. “Of
course.” She held onto her towel carefully while reaching up to the second
shelf to get him the Darth Vader mug. “Cream?”
“However you take it will be fine.” His voice was even,
calm. He didn’t sound like a man guilty of breaking and entering. Maybe it was
the Nordic accent he let slip into his words. He got up and stepped into the
middle of the living room area. A bit closer to her. “I really like your
“Thanks. How’d you get in?” She gestured at him with the mug
before setting it on the edge of the island.
“I climbed up a few patios. Your window was unlocked.” He
stood there in her living room, unmoving, but at her unflinching, waiting
posture he hung his head. He snorted some air out and admitted, “I followed
that ass clown here and waited for him to leave.”
The window in question was fifty plus feet off the ground,
and inaccessible without a fireman’s ladder as far as she had thought, but she
decided not to push the point. “Why?”
“Not sure I even know except I had to see you. See if you
were really you, like the you I remembered.” MH squinted and screwed up his
face, as if to see her better and she wondered if he was a little drunk.
“I thought you never wanted to see me again.”
“Never, ever. But I changed my mind. You changed my mind.”
He walked forward finally to claim his coffee and she retreated a few more
steps to give them both some space.
“Don’t put this on me. How did you know Mr. Wilcox was
coming here?” She absolutely could not wrap her head around the notion of him
on a stakeout.
“A little birdie told me. Don’t ask any more questions, does
it matter?”
“I guess not if you’re not going to tell me. How about you
enjoy your warm beverage while I throw some clothes on. Then you can tell me
what you want.” She turned away and took two steps toward the hall before his
front crashed into her back and his ridiculously long arms wrapped her up from
“You know what I want as much as I do.” He said it like it
hurt him and Cassie’s breath caught in her throat. “Sorry.” His arms loosened
until he held her so lightly her towel unbound and began to slip. “Until I saw
him leaving here, I just wanted to talk to you. Show you what you’ve done to
me, tell you some of the consequences of what happened between us. Knowing he’d
been up here with you, it drove me mad and that’s just stupid.”
His arms let her go then but his body stayed pressed against
her, and Cassie wasn’t sure what to make of his declarations. MH seemed a bit
unhinged, and though she didn’t feel the slightest bit afraid she did wonder if
she wasn’t erring on the side of lust here. She would have gladly murdered
someone to be this close to him again and she found that no matter what the
risk, she just didn’t want to fight her physical response to the man. She
slowly turned to face him, their bodies millimeters apart.
He continued, “Now I feel foolish for hating you and I don’t
give one shit about consequences. Are you sleeping with that odious man?”
“He’s my boss. I wouldn’t sleep with my boss.” This came out
as a breathy whisper.
“But you have slept with him in the past?”
“And you. But if it made a crucial difference I doubt you
would have climbed up my neighbors’ patios and climbed through my window to
surprise me fresh out of the shower.”

His faced changed while she spoke and when she finished MH’s
hand inched forward and grabbed the edge of her towel. She relaxed her grip and
let him pull it off of her. His eyelids sank fractionally and his nose flared
at her exposed flesh. Cassie leaned away slightly, pushing her shoulders back
for her best breast display and she watched as his will to resist her snapped.
His hands came around the back of her neck to pull their faces together and his
lips sank into hers with a tender warmth she hadn’t expected. He kissed her
slowly and deeply like a man without cares or reservations.
This is an excerpt from chapter three of Screwing Around, by Alexis Wilder, available November 23, 2016.

Author Bio:

Alexis Wilder loves living near a lake with her patient husband, their mermaid children, and a deranged dog.
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Mystery in Your Mailbox Paperback Giveaway

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Thanksgiving Super Sale and Giveaway

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Cupcake Series ~ Sale, Bonus Scene, and Title Reveal


Today we are sharing a sale from the CUPCAKES series by Bethany Lopez and a bonus scene! 

This series is a romantic comedy/suspense series that is available now. 

Check out the book information below and grab Always Room for Cupcakes while it's on sale for just .99¢.



Always Room for Cupcakes (Cupcakes, #1) is on sale now for just .99¢!

Amazon | iBooks | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Kobo


Purchase Links for Cupcake Overload (Cupcakes, #2)

Amazon | iBooks | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Kobo


The next book in the CUPCAKES series will be called Lei'd with Cupcakes and will be released in March 2017!


πŸ•πŸ°  Cupcakes Series ~ Bonus SceneπŸ•πŸ°

I was trying, unsuccessfully, to hide my grin while Elin and Elena chattered on excitedly about our upcoming trip to Hawaii.
We were in the midst of chaos.
Machines were dinging loudly, children were laughing and yelling, and everyone was talking over each other, trying to be heard.
Cade looked uncomfortable, out of place, and like he was hoping a meteor was about to crash down and take out the pizza joint and put him out of his misery.
He had on a black skull cap, a dark t-shirt and black jeans, and he was adorned with his usual jewelry. Thick, silver rings, rope bracelets, and a few chunky necklaces.
He was my shit-hot oasis in a sea of yuppies and stay at home moms.
Even without his cut, it was obvious that my man was one bad-ass mother, and the last place he expected to be on a Friday night was at a family fun place. He was more suited to a smoky bar with classic rock playing on the juke box, and loose women on the prowl.
But did he let on to my twins that he’d rather have his beard taken out with tweezers, one hair at a time, than playing skeeball and grabbing a slice with them… not on your life.
He was grinning as Elin talked about snorkeling, seeing sharks, and going whale watching.
I was about to suggest it was time to go, and let Cade off the hook, when I saw Elena stiffen and drop her head, allowing her hair to curtain her face. I turned my head to see why she was hiding, and saw a group of boys walking into the pizza place, laughing as they looked for an open booth.
“Who are they?” I asked, placing my hand on Elena’s knee.
She shook her head, causing her hair to move, but didn’t reply.
“Lena?” I prodded. When there was still no response, I looked up and caught Elin watching his sister. “Elin?”
“They’ve been giving Lena a hard time in English class, ever since Ms. Cotton made us stand up and read our poems out loud.”
“Why?” I asked sharply. “What have they been doing?”
“Calling her names and stuff,” Elin said, giving the boys a dark look over my shoulder. “I’ve told them to back off. I think that JJ likes her, and that’s why he keeps messing with her.”
“If you like a girl, you don’t show it by being an asshole,” Cade bit off, my gaze swinging to him when I caught his tone.
“Swear jar,” Elin said automatically.
“Gosh, not now, Elin,” Elena said, finally speaking, but still not putting her head up. “Can we just go?”
“Sure, baby,” I said, grabbing my purse and starting to rise.
“I’ll meet you at the truck,” Cade ordered, and my pulse started dancing nervously.
“What are you going to do, Cade?” I hissed, glancing back and forth at the twins who were watching Cade warily. “You can’t beat up a bunch of eleven and twelve-year-old boys.”
“Don’t worry, Darlin’, I’m just going to talk to them,” Cade assured me as all six foot three of him rose and stepped into the aisle. “Meet me at the truck.”
“C’mon, guys,” I said, ushering the twins to the exit. Of course, once we got outside, we didn’t go to the car, we pressed our noses to the glass to see what was happening inside.
We watched as Cade sauntered over to where the boys were piling into their booth. They all jumped when he spoke, and I saw a few of them start to visibly shake as they looked my biker babe over.
I saw one kid raise his hand, and Elin whispered, “That’s JJ,” then get out of the booth to stand next to Cade who put a hand on his shoulder as he spoke to him.
The kid’s hair flopped as he nodded rapidly, and I swear, I could see his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed.
Cade picked up his hand, then brought it back down on JJ’s shoulder, said something to the kid, then something to the group of boys, before turning and striding casually to the cashier where he paid our bill.
We watched as he walked out, eyes on us as we peered back at him from our viewing spot, and our heads all turned toward Cade as he opened the door and turned to us.
“Can you ever just do what I ask, Lila?” he asked, his tone frustrated, but his face amused.
I shook my head slowly, dying to ask what he’d said to those boys, but knowing he wouldn’t answer in front of the kids.
“I didn’t think so,” Cade said, then fished the keys out of his pocket and added, “Let’s go.” But before he could step off of the curb and head to the parking lot, Elena rushed forward and threw herself against him.
I bit back a watery sigh as Cade bent low and kissed my daughter on the top of her head.
“Let’s go home,” he said softly, and I heard Elena say, “Thanks, Cade,” her voice muffled against his shirt.
“Anytime, sweet girl,” was his reply.


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Award-Winning Author Bethany Lopez began self-publishing in June 2011. She's a lover of all things romance: books, movies, music, and life, and she incorporates that into the books she writes. When she isn't reading or writing, she loves spending time with her husband and children, traveling whenever possible. Some of her favorite things are: Kristen Ashley Books, coffee in the morning, and In N Out burgers.
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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

❤︎❤︎COVER REVEAL ⇢ Love & Cupcakes by Bethany Lopez❤︎❤︎

I'm excited to share the cover of Love & Cupcakes with you today. Love & Cupcakes is the follow up to Love & Recipes, and came about after readers asked me for recipes for the cupcakes featured in Always Room for Cupcakes and Cupcake Overload. 

Release Date: Dec 5, 2016
Photographs by Bethany Lopez
Cover Design by Makeready Designs

Bethany Lopez is at it again, and this time, it's all about Cupcakes!

This follow up to Love & Recipes is a Companion Cookbook to her Cupcake Series. It features Cupcake recipes from the pages of Always Room for Cupcakes, Cupcake Overload, and the upcoming third book in the series. If you love cupcakes, this is the book for you!

Preorder Now for $0.99

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Lost Codex by Heather Lyons - Release and Excerpt

THE LOST CODEX (The Collectors’ Society, #4) is LIVE! 
Don't miss the conclusion of this incredible series! 

Purchase here: 

Allies, once inseparable, splinter until they break apart.
An insidiousness carves its way through Wonderland, challenging the land’s very existence.
Battle lines will be drawn as pages, long languishing in darkness, are finally illuminated.
Swords will clash, blood will be spilled, and lives will be lost.
For what is written can still be erased.


My window is opened, tiny as it may be, and I do not waste it. I dart forward, the vorpal blade firm in my hand as I mentally count down seconds. The beast releases a mournful gurgle of frustration, its elongated whiskers and scaly jowls limply sagging around massive teeth. When I skid to a stop, the tips of my leather boots collide with its tail.
Another gurgle sounds, one ripe with helpless fury.
A satchel is thrown to the ground before I pry thick scales off with the end of my blade. “My apologies.” I gasp as I wrench off bits of its tough hide. “I promise, I’ll depart momentarily.”
Its body shudders, as if allowed, it would quake with indignation. Once I reach the count of ten, I shove my treasure into the satchel and sprint out of the jabberwocky’s lair.
The earth beneath my feet rumbles.
Jubjub birds explode from the trees at the sheer intensity of the beast’s wrath.
Rumbling turns to assured quaking.
Four. Three.
I barrel over broken branches and bushes, my hair snagging upon greedy twigs.
I shift my sword, lifting up a free arm.
Jace grabs hold, lifting me up to settle between his chest and his stallion’s withers. I take hold of the reigns, laughter burbling from the both of us as we gallop through the remaining thicket. Bursting into the Dark Meadows, sunlight warms my face. My smile is so wide, my cheeks hurt. My lungs sting, the breath from them comes in exhilarated bursts.

The Caterpillar often accuses me of enjoying life on the edge of my blade. His point holds validity, because goodness, do I feel alive right now.