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Release Day: A Pinch of Salt by Bethany Lopez

Today we are sharing the release of PINCH OF SALT by Bethany Lopez. A Pinch of Salt is the first book in an all-new contemporary romance series, Three Sister's Catering. Check out the excerpt, teasers, and giveaway below for a chance to win a surprise book box!

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A Pinch of Salt by Bethany Lopez

(Three Sisters Catering, #1)
Contemporary Romance

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For the past year, talented chef Millie has been consumed with running her new catering business with her sisters, Dru and Tasha. It isn't until Jackson walks through their door that she realizes something may be missing in the recipe of her life.

For the past year, Jackson has been dealing with the fallout of his wife's abandonment. He's had to learn how to be a single father to their eight-year-old daughter, and will do anything to fill the void her mother left. It isn't until he commissions Millie for his daughter's birthday party that he realizes he's forgotten that he's not only a father, but a man.

They both think they're content in their lives, but sometimes the right amount of spice can turn an okay dish into a magnificent one. A Pinch of Salt may be all that's needed to bring Millie and Jackson the flavor they've been missing.

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“Fine,” I said with mock exasperation,” I’ll give you the cliff notes.”
Tasha kept her eyes on me as she waited expectantly. She’d recently cut off her long black hair that had matched mine and Dru’s in length into a cute bob, and dyed it a bright red. It totally suited her.
“The party was great, fantastic even. I had a blast decorating, and the girls loved it. I took pictures to show you guys, and for the website,” I began, but Tasha waved her hand, encouraging me to get to the good stuff. “Jackson asked me out,” I said with a shrug, then teased her by saying, “But, I said no.”
“Wha?” Tasha cried, standing and putting her hands on her hips. “Why’d you do that? I thought he was your diary dream man. At least, that’s what Dru said.”
I raised my eyebrow at my twin, who just stuck out her tongue at me and continued stretching her quads.
“He’s also married, and still wears his wedding ring,” I replied, then sighed and added, “But, he assured me that the marriage is very much over, the ring was just an oversight, and we’re going to meet up for coffee this week. So, not a date, just coffee.”
“A coffee date,” Dru said with a grin.
“Shut up,” I replied, but couldn’t hold back my answering smile. “I don’t know, you guys, he scares me.”
“Why?” Tasha asked. “Because you’ve been so focused on the business, and before that, Mom, that you haven’t met a man for coffee, let alone had one between your legs, since you and Dru were at USC?”
“That’s not true,” I argued, offended and a little embarrassed about how right my younger sister was. “There was Joshua…”
“Ewww,” my sisters groaned in unison.
“You mean that creeper guy who kept taking you to Anime movies and trying to get you to give him a handy in the theater?” Dru asked. “You really want to count that guy?”


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Each box will contain the ARC and some incredible goodies! 

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Award-Winning Author Bethany Lopez began self-publishing in June 2011. She's a lover of all things romance: books, movies, music, and life, and she incorporates that into the books she writes. When she isn't reading or writing, she loves spending time with her husband and children, traveling whenever possible. Some of her favorite things are: Kristen Ashley Books, coffee in the morning, and In N Out burgers.
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August Nothing but 99 Sale and Giveaway

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Love Kissed Anthologies - Now Available!

Love Kissed Anthologies

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Ten of your favorite romance authors have come together for a charity anthology. With vampires, witches, wizards, shifters, shadow walkers, fallen angels, demons, and a wraith king, you're sure to be enthralled. Be prepared for greed, lust, lies, and betrayal to culminate in coups and menages. After all, the fate of the world often depends on the actions of hot alphas.

New Love
Seven of your favorite romance authors have come together for a charity anthology. If you like billionaires and witty heroines, or high school sweethearts and runaways, or southern stories with a love as big as Texas, then settle in for tales of finding home, overcoming the past, loyalty, broken promises, and even a surprise wedding. Even family obligations can't hinder what's simply meant to be.


Lucky in Love
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Prepare to dance with the dark side of love. This collection is full of suspense with crimes like stalking, kidnapping, and murder. Meet some men in blue and some bad boys too. If you have a taste for dystopian, enjoy interracial love, and get hot and bothered over sexy protectors such as private investigators, the FBI and CIA, then one-click right away.


Forbidden Love
This set is about as naughty as a collection can get. They may look innocent, like the boy next door, or the brother's best friend, they may be working like the blue collar guy making a house call, the undercover cop, the rock star, the bodyguard, or the stripper. Don't be fooled. These stories are filled with romance,  suspense, and temptation. Oh, and no one seems to decline the opportunity for romps in public, with a stranger, a roommate, or the occasional affair.

Learn how forbidden love makes for strange bedfellows in these modern fairy tales of love, lust, and deception.


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August Free for All and Giveaway

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Release Day: Henry and Gracie by Marilyn Jeulin

Turning the big 3-0 isn’t easy. It’s even more difficult when well-meaning friends decide you need to stop being single and find your Prince Charming. Add in a series of never-ending bad blind dates and this is all too familiar territory for Gracie Marquez.

What Gracie’s friends don’t know is that she’s been in a nine year “friends with benefits” relationship with her best friend, the dashing Henry Huntingdon the Third. The pressure of turning another year older has Gracie questioning the nature of their relationship. Emotions run high and jealousy threatens to tear them apart. Has Gracie’s Prince Charming been in front of her eyes or has Henry been keeping her from finding true love?


Henry pulls away to lead me down the street toward Covent Garden. “So, Leticia strikes again?” he asks, referring to my date before a short pause. I nod. “Who was it this time?”

“A guy from the city,” I answer, hoping he’s leaving it at that, though, knowing Henry, he’s going to scratch at this piece of information until he’s managed to get all the dirty details. Henry’s eyes widen and amusement sparkles in those mischievous blue eyes. “A guy from the city,” he repeats before bursting into another fit of laughter.

“Yes, Natesh,” I groan, refusing to continue looking at him.

“Someone who works with her husband?” he presses on, having way too much fun. “Doesn’t she know that you hate snobby types?” Henry asks, his voice taking on an accusatory tone as I finally glance at him and smile. “From now on, you should tell her to consult with me before fixing you up on any more blind dates.”

“Definitely,” I agree, but the sarcasm in my voice makes him glance my way with a playful smile on his lips before looking away. “He didn’t stop talking about his Mom.” I sigh, going for a dramatic tone. “And how he likes the very best.”

“Wanker,” Henry replies before letting out a loud chuckle. “Speaking of mothers,” he starts as I throw my hands in the air.

Henry’s been trying to get me to see my parents for the last few months. The way this conversation always starts is by him saying those exact words: Speaking of mothers. I don’t want him to meet my parents or my American friends in person. He’ll charm them all and then my mother will fall in love with him and wonder why we’re not a couple. Shouldn’t it be enough that they know he’s a really good and close friend of mine?

“Not yours,” he tells me, flicking at my nose with a teasing smile before he looks ahead. “My mother said that if you’re still single by Christmas, we should both go to visit her in Germany,” he tells me as we make a left and walk for a few minutes until we find the small shop that sells crêpes and waffles.

“Who is she going to pair us up with this time?” I ask, meanwhile my voice, full of dread, is met by the amusement spreading quickly over his features.

Sometimes I hate him.

“Get this: her neighbor has a son and a daughter, both single,” he replies.

“No, thank you. Remember Hans? I’m done with Germany,” I remind him and he laughs harder, pulling me with him inside the cafe.

Henry’s arm has maneuvered around me while we wait in line. My body’s against his as his hand rests against my back. His lips brush lazily against my temple, sending my pulse into overdrive.

force my eyes on the menu board, ignoring the way his lips brush against my ear. “It’s too bad you’re out of service,” he says, changing the subject. His voice is lethal: deep and soft. It makes me melt like vanilla ice cream under hot fudge. The weakness returns to my knees and my mind goes into a lustful haze. However, it doesn’t take long for something to stir me out of it and let the full weight of his words fall on me.

“What?” I ask, trying hard to escape the obscene look in his eyes, which makes my body hum with renewed energy.

“Well, I’d rather eat the Nutella off your body.” 

Author Biography

MarilynJeulin is the author of Henry and Gracie.
Born in the Wild West and raised in a tropical paradise, Marilyn has always had a thirst for a good story and adventure. She’s a huge fan of Anne Rice, Stephen King, GRR Martin, and JK Rowling.
Mom of two boys, and wife to the Frenchman, Marilyn is also an avid gamer, who
spends way too much time on Facebook and Instagram.
Her next title, Closer to the Edge, is a
New Adult thriller involving a rock god, a transatlantic vacation, and a terrorist attack. Closer to the Edge will be the first book in the Estevez siblings’ series, and will be available: 2018.
Connect with Marilyn:
Twitter: @LynAlmodovar

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August Preorder Sale and Giveaway

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August KU Giveaway

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