Monday, March 26, 2018

New Release: Too Enchanting, The Lewis Cousins, book 4, by Bethany Lopez

It's HERE!!!! Too Enchanting, the Lewis Cousins, book 4, is LIVE!!!!

Book Title: Too Enchanting
Series: The Lewis Cousins, book 4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover by Makeready Designs
Photograph by Regina Wamba ©MaeIDesign and Photography
Cover Model: Kimberly Tallman

When she was young, Serena Lewis was uprooted from the life she knew. Her parents took her from everything and everyone she loved, including her best friends… her cousins. Rebelling against the change, Serena became a young woman she knew her family wouldn’t like. Now that she's moving back home, she hopes to keep that part of herself in the past and become the woman she's meant to be.

Jed Monroe is a self-made man. Forced to grow up at a young age, he's always taken care of himself and worked to get what he needed. Working construction has given him stability, but working with wood is where his passion truly lies. 

On the outside, petite and perfect Serena and rough and hardworking Jed have nothing in common. When Serena moves into the house next door, Jed is determined to ignore the sexy art gallery manager, who he just knows will be a pain in his ass.

But their shared loved of creating beauty from pain, along with the intangible chemistry that fires whenever they’re in the same space, forces them to dig beneath the surface to find their vulnerability. Jed will soon see that whether he likes Serena or not, she’s Too Enchanting to ignore.

Too Enchanting is the fourth in an all-new small town romance series by Bethany Lopez. Follow the Lewis cousins of Cherry Springs, the kind of place where there are festivals for every occasion and everyone knows your business, as they learn about love and loss.

Special Release Week Price - $2.99

What in the heck was going on over at Jed's house?
All morning there had been a constant stream of women parading through his yard. The first woman I'd seen had been young, blonde, and beautiful, and I'd assume there was some sort of morning-after situation going on.
Which, for some reason, had my stomach tightening and my heart squeezing with something that felt like a combination of sorrow and anger ... which was silly, because I didn't even like Jed. There was no way I was jealous at the thought of him with some pretty young thing.
Except, that's what it had felt like.
But then, there'd been more women, of all ages, and I decided maybe the pretty young thing hadn't been his girlfriend, and there was something else going on.
But, what?
It was hard to tell from a few glances out my window, and I swear, Jed had almost caught me once, so I decided to do some weeding in my backyard. Sure, I kept my nice clothes on, and forgot my gloves, shovel, and whatever else you need to weed, so instead, I walked over to the privacy fence that stood between our yards and leaned against it.
I was just a woman enjoying the sunshine in her yard ... nothing wrong with that, right?
"The hard lines and smooth surface is really exceptional," a woman with a sultry voice was saying. "You must really work on it..."
My eyes widened as I imagined Jed next door, naked, or at least shirtless, while these women looked him over.
Was he a model? Did he have some sort of studio back there?
Or, was he into something more clandestine...
There was no denying he was attractive, if you were into tall, good-looking men who were too busy to shave and had eyes that seemed to see everything.
Maybe Jed was a gigolo, and all those women were his johns, or would it be janes, who were coming by for their weekly fix.
But, on a Sunday?
"I do," Jed answered. "Every chance I get I'm back here, honing my craft, trying to sculpt perfection."
I blinked. Wow, conceited much? I mean, sure, even with clothes on I could tell he had a nice body, but perfection? That was a little much.
"It shows," the woman said. "I bet it gets pretty hot out here..."
Needing to see what was going on, I hurried over to my bench and started pulling it to the fence. Once I had it in position, I stood up on it, crouching at first, then slowly standing up until I could peek over the top.
I just wanted a glance, to see what was really happening over there. Not that I wanted to see Jed naked, of course, I only needed to see for myself what the appeal was...

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