Friday, July 11, 2014

Seven 11 Blog Hop

Hello, and welcome to the first ever Seven 11 Blog Hop. Some other FAB authors and I will be posting seven lines from our current WIP, on the 11th day of every month! This is a fun way to share what we are working on with our readers, and to turn them on to what other writers are writing!

My current WIP is 15 Minutes, which is book 4 in the Time for Love series. I had a hard time picking only seven lines, because I love Brock so much, but here you go… Tell me what you think!

(This is a first draft and is unedited)


             “The invitation to Shelly and Cal’s joint baby shower,” she replied, exasperation filling her tone. “Sasha and I mailed them out last week.”

            “Oh… I thought you’d mailed that to me by accident,” I replied, honestly. “I didn’t think you actually meant to invite me to a baby shower. Aren’t those usually a chick thing?”

            This earned me another glare, this time from Gaby and Sasha, as well as Shelly. I looked around at the guys for help, but by the look on their faces, I knew they’d already accepted their fate.

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