Monday, August 11, 2014

Seven 11 Blog Hop ~ Take Two ~ 15 Minutes Teaser

Hello, and welcome to the Seven 11 Blog Hop. Some other AMAZING authors and I will be posting seven lines from our current WIP, on the 11th day of every month! This is a fun way to share what we are working on with our readers, and to turn them on to what other writers are writing!

My current WIP is 15 Minutes, which is book 4 in the Time for Love series.
To read last month's teaser, check out my blog post.

(This is a first draft and is unedited)


             “What do you want with me?” I blurted out, asking him the question I’d probably already asked twenty-times, without receiving a reasonable response. “I know you said that there’s an attraction, but I’m sure there are plenty of more suitable women, that would enjoy going out with you.”

            Brock looked at me for a beat, then threw his head back and laughed, deep from his gut, and my body tingled at the sound.
            “I’ve tried suitable,” he said when his laughter had almost completely died out. “But there’s something about you, Victoria, and I want to see what’s underneath all of the polish and perfection.”
            “If you’re thinking you’re going to break through and find a heart of gold, you’re going to be sorely disappointed,” I responded haughtily, trying to mask the fact that his words had my heart trembling with fear. I’d worked very hard to ensure no man would ever get close enough to ruin me, the way my father had ruined my mother.
            Rather than being offended by my tone, Brock’s eyes danced with merriment, and he leaned down closer, his voice rough, yet amused in my ear. “Maybe Silver? Or Bronze?”

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