Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Choose Your Own Book Challenge

Welcome to the Choose Your Own Book Challenge!

First: Choose which challenge you want to do! Free in KU or Wide...(you can also do both!)

Second: Choose a book under the heading of your challenge and then read the PREVIEW (or LOOK INSIDE) or the actually book...however you want! Absolutely NO purchase necessary! But hey...if you find a great book by reading the preview all the better. If you run out of books on our list you are welcome to read any of the books for ONLY the authors featured and enter with those as well.

Third: Fill out this form for EACH BOOK/Preview you read! https://goo.gl/forms/yOBn7AIs5fFbtuLt1

2 Winners (the person with the most entries on the each challenge) will each snag a $25 GC!
2 Winners (the second most entries) will each snag a $10 GC!
1 Random Winner will snag a $75 GC!
1 Random Winner will snag a KINDLE FIRE!

Click here to learn more and choose your book: http://steamybookbargains.com/index.php/choose-your-own-book-challenge/

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