Sunday, November 17, 2019

Thankful for #Free Books!

🍁Thankful for Books!🍁

Check out these amazing FREE ebooks. Grab them now before they go off sale!

November 15-17th

Check them out here:

🍁 R. Linda
Bailey and the Bad Boy:

🍁 Hope Irving
Twice Upon A Time (The Black Angel Book series, Volume 1):

🍁 Mary Crawford
Love and Injustice:

🍁 Alexia Chase
The Bad Boy: A Contemporary, Insta-Love Romance: An Erotic Short Story:

🍁 A.M. Hargrove
One Indecent Night:

🍁 Evan Grace
After We Met:

🍁 Janine Infante Bosco
Blackout, Book One:

🍁 Ariana Rose
Turn To Stone:

🍁 Nicole Rodrigues
Saddler's Secret:

🍁 C.A. Harms
Boy Toy Auction:

🍁 Jewel E Ann

🍁 JM Kelley

🍁 Layla Frost
Hyde and Seek:

🍁 Brynne Asher

🍁 H. D'Agostino
Beautiful Goodbye:

🍁 DJ Bryce
Swipe Right to Mate:

🍁 HJ Bellus

Check them out here:

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