Friday, May 6, 2022

Laugh, Swoon, and Fall in Love with SIX FREE BOOKS!


This is a collection of Series Starters by Bethany Lopez!
SIX #FREE BOOKS - for a limited time!

Laugh, Swoon, and Fall in Love with this great cast of characters!

A Pinch of Salt: When single dad and English teacher, Jackson, hires chef and entrepreneur, Millie, to cater his daughter's birthday party, things really start heating up. (Contemporary Romance/Single Dad)

Always Room for Cupcakes: Everything in her life changes when Lila catches her husband cheating and snaps a photo of it. Now a single mom to twins and and investigative photographer to the local P.I., there is never a dull moment. (Romantic Comedy/Suspense)

8 Weeks: Cal and Shelley have been in love for years and are considered the perfect couple by their friends. But when turbulence hits their marriage, can their love survive? (Marriage in trouble/Contemporary Romance)

Frat House Confessions: Ridge: This makeover has nothing to do with love and everything to do with Karrie and Ridge using each other to get what they want. What starts as a ruse soon becomes an attraction they cannot deny. When it's all said and done, they'll both have more to confess than a need for revenge. (New Adult/College/Fake Relationship)

Starter Wife: Starting over in your forties is no joke, but that's exactly what's happened to Whitney. Now a divorcee' and single mother to her kids, Whit is ready to get back into the work force and is able to build an even better life than she'd had before with the help of some brand new friends, and an unexpected romance. (Later in Life/Contemporary Romance)

Too Tempting: Ex-NFL Player Gabe never expected a quirky, introverted writer to knock him off his feet, but that's exactly what happens when Zoey comes stumbling into his summer camp. (Fish out of Water/Sports Romance/Romantic Comedy)

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