Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Special Christmas Interview with Author Rachel Harris

1. What is your favorite Christmas movie? Is there a reason/tradition behind your pick?

Oh, this is so hard! Christmas is my favorite holiday...well, it's tied with Thanksgiving, so this time of year just makes me giddy.

There are so many favorite movies from childhood, including a made for TV movie from the 80s my family watches every year (The Night They Saved Christmas), and romances that make my heart smile like The Holiday. But if I had to pick just one, I would have to say ELF. My husband and I actually saw it in the theater during our honeymoon and it is the movie we watch with our kids every year on Christmas Eve. So many great lines in that one :)

2. If you could kiss anyone under the mistletoe, who would it be??? (Significant others not allowed!)

Eek! Husbands don't count, huh? Well I guess I would have to go with my muse, Channing Tatum. He is so pretty...

3. What was the best, and worst, Christmas you ever had?

Best: The first one after I had my oldest. We were living in North Carolina and my daughter was born right after Thanksgiving, so everyone came up to visit us. Grandparents from both sides, aunts and uncles, cousins, all staying in one house. It was crazy and hectic....and fabulous. That's what Christmas is all about, right?

Honestly, I haven't had a worst. *knocks on wood*

4. What is your favorite thing about Christmas?

EVERYTHING!! I love the songs, the decorations, the excuse to be a kid again. I love the tradition and showering your loved ones with gifts. I love taking pizza and cookies to our emergency room workers at the local hospital on Christmas Eve, thanking them for their service. I love going to church with my family, dressing up and then waking up to Jesus Birthday Cake. I love the eggnog and the treats.

I love Everything :)

5. Which character that you've written loves Christmas the most? Worst? Why?

I think it would have to be Angelle Prejean from Seven Day Fiance. Her Cajun Christmas traditions are just so fun, and we get to see some of those in the book....along with big bad Cane Robicheaux dressed as Papa Noel!!

Thanks, Rachel!

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Award-winning and best-selling author Rachel Harris writes humorous love stories about sassy girls next door and the hot guys that make them swoon. Emotion, vibrant settings, and strong relationships are a staple in each of her books...and kissing. Lots of kissing. 

An admitted Diet Mountain Dew addict and homeschool mom, she gets through each day by laughing at herself, hugging her kids, and watching way too much Food Network with her husband. She writes young adult, new adult, and adult romance, and LOVES talking with readers. 

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