Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Seven 11 Blog Hop ~ WIP

Hello! It's November 11th, so it's time for the monthly Blog hop, where a few other Fab Authors and I share seven lines of our current WIP.

This month I'm working on a new idea. I'm not positive yet that this book will fully come to life, but for now, I'm excited about the concept and the possibilities of the story. It's a little different from what I usually write. It's a Women's Fiction story of recover and self-discovery.

Mirabelle lost her husband a year ago, and is leaving behind the home and life they had in San Diego, to figure out what the future holds for her. She's going on a cross-country trip, in which she has vowed to say YES to experiences that she normally wouldn't.

It's tentatively titled, Dare to Say Yes

This is a rough, unedited draft.

“I repeat… You can’t be serious,” I reply, practically shouting. “I’ll just leave, go to the cops, and bring them back here.”
Big and tall’s face hardens a bit, “And do you actually think the purse, and all its contents, will still be here when you and the cops get back?”
“What do you want me to do?” I ask against my better judgment.
“Come with me,” he replies, then turns and walks into the back.

Helpless to do anything else, I follow him into a room filled with mirrors, chairs, and costumes. There are half naked women everywhere, and I have to keep my focus on him, to stop myself from gawking.

Let me know what you think, and stop by the other Author's blogs to see what they're working on:

Author NameBlog AddressGenreAppropriate for readers under age 18?
Kayla Smithkaybaby213.blogspot.comYAYes
Heatherwww.heatherhildenbrand.comYA SciFiyes
Steph Nusswww.stephnuss.comContemporary RomanceNo
Justine Winterhttp://justinewinter.wordpress.com/NANo
Bethany Lopezhttp://bethanylopez.blogspot.comWomen's FictionNo
S. M. Boycehttp://www.smboyce.com/boyce-blog/YA FantasyYes
Amanda Akselhttp://amandaaksel.blogspot.comWomen's FictionYes

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