Saturday, March 30, 2013

indie-licious blog hop - Indelible (6)

Happy Easter!

Today I am giving you another teaser from Indelible, my previously untitled WIP.

We are still in Judd's POV and this is the second meeting of him and Sam. This is a first draft and unedited, but I would love to hear what you think so far.  (Sorry Krystal, I try to keep them short, but sometimes I just can't! :))

Sam looked up and I saw the momentary confusion cross her face, before she recognized me from the bar. She schooled her features, so I couldn’t tell whether she was happy to see me or not.

“Hey,” she responded. Didn’t even crack a smile.

Not a good sign.

I pointed at the empty chair across from her.

“Do you mind if I sit?”

Sam shrugged a bit, I figured that was the best response I was going to get from her, so I took it.

I sat down and tried an open and friendly smile. Something to say,”Hey, I’m a good guy.” Which, of course, I’m not.

When she still didn’t say anything, I cleared my throat a bit and took an encouraging sip of my coffee, before trying again.

“So, I hope you weren’t offended the other night,” I began.

She looked at me blankly, so I continued, “You know… when James said that I’d been asking about you… You seemed to get mad, then left. I just wanted you to know that there was no hidden agenda on my part, I just thought you were hot and wanted to get to know more about you.”

Her cheeks turned pink at that, which I thought was hot as hell, and she finally responded.

“I wasn’t offended,” She said, cheeks still flushed. “I just wished that I’d heard that from you instead of James. At the time, it seemed like you were playing a game, and I don’t do games.”

I grinned, because I really liked her candor. In fact, I hadn’t seen anything about her to date that I didn’t like.

“I can appreciate that,” I replied. I didn’t like games either. “What do you say we start over?”

She smiled at that, finally, and I felt like I’d won a prize.


I held my hand out over the table.

“Hi, I’m Judd.”

“Sam,” she replied simply.

“I think you’re hot, Sam,” I said honestly. “I’m not looking for a serious relationship, but I’d like to get to know you better. If that works for you, I’d love to take you out Friday night.”

She laughed and nodded slightly before responding.

“Luckily, I’m not looking for a serious relationship either, and I think you’re pretty hot yourself,” I couldn’t stop the shit-eating grin that spread across my face at that. “Let me see what I’ve got going on this weekend, and I’ll get back to you.”

“Okay, can I get your number?” I asked, reaching for my phone.

She shook her head and I looked at her, the confusion apparent on my face.

“I’m not ready to give you my number just yet, but I’ll be here again on Wednesday morning, I’ll let you know then.”

That said, she stood, smiling saucily as she gathered her things and walked towards the door.

Leaving me there, watching her walk away, and grinning like an idiot.

I was really beginning to dig this chick.


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  1. Very interesting. I like that Sam doesn't give into easily.

  2. Sam's a smart woman! We'll see how much they can keep this at a distance. Great teaser, Bethany!

  3. Bethany, great teaser as always. I can't wait to read Indelible. It sounds absolutely deelish! ;-)

    Elle C.

  4. The sexual tension between the did an amazing job with that! I want to read more!

  5. It was a long one but a good one :) I like the relationship forming between them. Can't wait to read when it's finished :)

  6. Thanks everyone. I'm really loving this book! :)

  7. Aww. This is a cute exchange between them!