Sunday, March 17, 2013

Indie-licious Blog Hop ~ Untitled (4)

It's that time again... Time for a little teaser from my current WIP. We've met Sam and Judd, now let's see what they're up to!

Sam's POV

“So, I see the two of you finally met,” James said loudly, breaking the silence with a boom.

 I looked at her, not quite sure what she was talking about.

James smiled at the look on my face and slapped a hand on Judd’s shoulder, “Judd here was asking me about you earlier.”

“Were you?” I asked. He’d mentioned noticing that I was with James, but I hadn’t realized they’d talked.

Judd shot James a dirty look, causing her to smirk back at him. He turned back to me and shrugged, “I may have asked who you were.”

 Looked like we were back to games again.

 “You’d better watch out for Judd, Sam, he’s like the male version of me… Only worse,” James warned.

If James was saying he was trouble, he must be really bad. Figures, I thought, the first guy that not only made my blood boil, but also made me feel comfortable, was a total player.

“I’ll be back,” I said as I stood. “I need to hit the restroom before I leave.”

 As I walked away I heard Judd ask, “What the fuck, James?”

I kept walking with my head held high. I was so grateful that James had my back, because despite my initial trepidation, Judd had caught my interest.

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  1. Ha! I'm really liking these characters!

  2. I'll be waiting to read this one, I loved your last three books! This book looks like it's going to be just as awesome!

  3. The characters are coming more to life with each teaser. I'm rooting for them.

  4. Bethany, your teasers are always the best. This sounds like a great book I definitely *want* to read!

    Elle Chardou

  5. Great teaser! Even with just a teaser the characters seem real.