Monday, March 25, 2013

Five Questions with Karli Rush

Five Questions with Karli Rush

1. When you think of your favorite books, what is it that draws you to them and makes you want to read them over and over again?

I have always been captured by authors that make me feel. Really feel. A book that evokes strong emotions will keep me reading. I may not even like the outcome, but will still love the book because of the emotional escapades I encountered. Making me feel is the definite key.

2. Did you consciously decide to write the genre you write, or did it choose you?

Almost all my books come to me in dreams, so I would say that the current genre I write in chose me, which is paranormal romance. I find it interesting that this year it will change. I have a couple of books that will be out in the next few months, but later this year I have a contemporary romance that is calling to me.

3. If you could sit down for a drink and a chat with any writer, who would it be, and why?

Edgar Allen Poe. He was able to capture so much into so few words that I would love to chat with him and find out anything I could about his writing.

4. When you are not writing (or reading) what is your favorite pastime?

Walking barefoot through haunted hotels, okay, that is not a pastime but I did do that last weekend. I would say that getting into nature, usually mountain biking or hiking with my family is how I spend my off time.

5. At what point were you sure that your book was ready to be published, and how did you go about making it happen?

I never think my books are totally 100% ready. I always feel that I can improve them somehow, but if I didn’t bite the bullet then I would not have published. I am an Indie Author. I do it all myself, from writing, editing, formatting, creating my book covers, and promoting. I publish on Amazon and CreateSpace for the printed version. I sometimes also publish on Smashwords so that my distribution gets more exposure on sites like Barnes and Nobles, Sony, and many others. It is a full time job, but I still do it all in PJ’s and love it!


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