Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Special Christmas Interview with Author AnnaLisa Grant

1. What is your favorite Christmas movie? Is there a reason/tradition behind your pick?

I love, love, love ELF! I think because it's such a fun movie for my kids, it makes me love it even more. We quote movie lines all year long, and they'll even pick it for family movie night any time of the year.

We have a family tradition of putting ELF on while we decorate our Christmas tree. It takes us twice as long to decorate the tree because we stop and reenact scenes as they play!

2. If you could kiss anyone under the mistletoe, who would it be??? (Significant others not allowed!)

Hmmm....well, if my super hot husband is not allowed on the list, I'd have to say...Ryan Reynolds. Outside of being super hot, I love him as an actor. He's got a great sense of comedic timing and is also great at intense, dramatic roles. He also seems like the kind of guy you could just hang out with, right?

3. What was the best, and worst, Christmas you ever had?

The best Christmas ever was the first year my kids were big enough to run downstairs on their own to see what Santa had left. My husband and I could hardly sleep the night before and practically cried tears of joy as we heard them barreling down the stairs!

I have to say, I don't really have a "worst" Christmas. This time of year is always super special for my family!

4. What is your favorite thing about Christmas?

My favorite thing about Christmas is how everyone seems to be happier. I don't know if it's the music, or the hustle and bustle of the holidays, or if everyone is just faking it, but everywhere I go people just seem to be in a cheerier mood. I like to think it's because we're all so excited about the giving part of Christmas!

5. Which character that you've written loves Christmas the most? Worst? Why?

I'd have to say that Layla Weston from The Lake Trilogy loves Christmas the most. Having lost both her parents, and having her grandmother treat her so poorly for the last five years, she appreciates the spirit of Christmas and the importance of family at that time of year.

The character who hates Christmas would be Gregory Meyer from The Lake Trilogy. Christmas means family and he is far to emotionally cut off to appreciate the holiday. He participates, but he could take it or leave it.

Thanks, AnnaLisa!

Where to find AnnaLisa:

AnnaLisa Grant is the author of the Young Adult Romance/Mystery/Suspense series The Lake Trilogy (The Lake, Troubled Waters, Safe Harbor), the Contemporary Romance/Suspense novel Next to Me, the Coming of Age novel As I Am, and the New Adult Roman/Mystery/Suspense Victoria Asher Series (Embedded, The Cure, Mind Games).

AnnaLisa received her Master's degree in counseling from Gorgon-Conwell Theology Seminary in 2008. While she spent two years post graduate in private practice as a therapist, AnnaLisa spent 13 years in the field of counseling and human services.

When she's not writing, AnnaLisa is a lover of music and movies. She loves being a wife to Donavan and a mom to her son and daughter. Oh, and she's also slightly (completely) obsessed with all things Disney!

AnnaLisa lives in Matthews, North Carolina with her husband and two awesome kids.

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