Thursday, November 5, 2015

November Author Interviews Featuring Marissa Dobson

Today I'd like to welcome, Marissa Dobson! 

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions. 
I'm excited to have you and can't wait to learn more about you.

1. Where do you find inspiration for your books? 
Inspiration is the easy part, it's finding time to write everything that's in my brain. I can be walking down the street and a new idea hits me. I can't say where it comes from, not really, it just happens. 

2. Is there a routine to your writing?
My husband is a special education teacher so I do the bulk of my writing while he's at work and the house is quiet. From 6:30am until 3:30pm it's my time. I write until my fingers fall off or my eyes go cross. There are a lot of evenings I'm working as well, especially when I'm on a roll or a deadline. Give me a cup of tea and my laptop and you won't hear from me for hours.

3. What are you working on now?
I'm currently working on the third novella of a new series that will be out in 2016. The series is Crimson Hollow and the first book is Romancing the Fox.

4. What advice would you give to unpublished writers?
Don't give up. Believe in yourself and go after your goals. Also write every day. It doesn't matter if it's only a few hundred words, just make sure you do it every day.

Coffee or Tea

Depends on my mood. In the morning I need coffee to get going but once it starts snowing I love a good cup of tea with honey.

Wine or Beer


Movies or Books

Hemsworth or Pratt
Who? LOL. I actually had to look it up.

Summer or Winter

Beach or Mountains
If I have to choose I'd go with mountains with a view of the water.

Pizza or Cheeseburger

Love at First Sight or Friends to Lovers
Friends to Lovers

Halloween or Christmas

Game of Thrones or Outlander
Neither. Sorry I don't want either of them so I can't really choose.


Born and raised in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, Marissa Dobson now resides about an hour from Washington, D.C. She’s a lady who likes to keep busy, and is always busy doing something. With two different college degrees, she believes you are never done learning.
Being the first daughter to an avid reader, this gave her the advantage of learning to read at a young age. Since learning to read she has always had her nose in a book. It wasn’t until she was a teenager that she started writing down the stories she came up with.
Marissa is blessed with a wonderful supportive husband, Thomas. He’s her other half and allows her to stay home and pursue her writing. He puts up with all her quirks and listens to her brainstorm in the middle of the night.
Her writing buddy Cameron (a cocker spaniel) is always around to listen to her bounce ideas off him. He might not be able to answer, but he's helpful in his own ways.

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No matter how far up the rungs of corporate success Sinopa Locklear climbs, her family will never be satisfied. To them, she’s worthless because she refused to live out her destiny among the tribe and produce cubs. Her decision left an impassable bridge between her and those she loved.
When an offer to wipe the slate clean comes up, Garret Fox can’t pass up the chance. All he has to do is spend a week with Sinopa, and pretend to be her fiancé. Seven days and they could go their separate ways. How hard could it be?
Both are running from something, afraid of getting too close and too intimate—until they are forced to behave as a couple for her family. Who’d have thought a fox would chase after a wolf of her own? Or is she his prey?

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The future of the Alaskan Tigers is in the hands of one woman in Tiger Time. Tabitha Leigh is unaware of her path, and Ty Reynolds, Alpha of the Alaskan Tigers, must convince her of the truth. If he fails, Ty will not only lose his soul mate, but the Tigers will lose their chance for salvation.
Raja Harrison, Lieutenant of the Alaskan Tigers, feels his job is much too dangerous to involve a mate in The Tiger’s Heart. But when he rescues Bethany Thompson from kidnappers and a rogue shifter, Raja discovers she is his mate, and he must put aside his fears to protect his future—and the future of the Alaskan Tigers.
Kallie has been in hiding for a long time, running from her past. In Tigress for Two, she finds comfort with Taber, a member of the Kodiak bears. Though Taber has met his mate, he’s surprised to discover she’s a tiger. And when his brother Thorben offers to help, they discover Kallie is not just Taber’s mate, but also Thorben’s. Will they overcome their differences to find love?
A rogue shifter murders Robin Zimmer’s husband, sending her running in Night with a Tiger. When she meets Adam Merks, she must decide whether she can trust him, and in doing so accept mating with a tiger and living in a shifter clan. Will it be more than she can handle?
Harmony Kirk discovers she is destined to be mated to Felix Grady, the twin brother of the very man who’d tortured and abused her for years in Trusting a Tiger. Will she be able to let go of the past and accept Felix into her future?
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