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November Author Interviews Featuring Justine Elvira

Today I'd like to welcome, Justine Elvira! 

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions. 
I'm excited to have you and can't wait to learn more about you.

1. Where do you find inspiration for your books? 
I find inspiration for my books just about anywhere. Changing His Game came to me after I listened to a radio host interviewing a male porn star. My Lane One series popped in my head when I was swimming laps at my gym. I just never know when inspiration is going to hit. A lot of what I write comes from what I know, what I've experienced, and what others around me have experienced. That's not to say my stories are real. They're complete fiction, but some of the small details in my stories come from things that have actually happened.

2. Is there a routine to your writing?
I have a routine for preparing to write each novel. Every single one of my stories has a notebook. This is where I plot the story out, write down ideas, character description, research, etc. Once I feel confident I have a story to move forward with I'll start typing away and let the words flow. That's the only routine I have. When it comes to the actual story I write whenever I have time.

3. Who are some of your favorite writers? How have they inspired you?
There are a few authors for me that can do no wrong. I've read everything they've published and loved every single word. My favorite authors are Jodi Piccoult, Colleen Hoover, Madeline Sheehan and R.L. Mathewson.  Each of their books is so special and unique. I'm in awe of their ability to captivate me so intensely in the fictional world they've created. They inspire me everyday to work on my craft and become a better writer with each book I publish.

4. What are you working on now?
Right now I am working on something special for my fans. It's a novella that I'm releasing in the beginning of December for free as a Christmas gift and thank you for supporting me. Then I have a new stand-alone novel coming out in January called Noah. It's up for pre-order at most retailers for a special price of $0.99/£0.99. I'm really excited for everyone to read it.

5. What advice would you give to unpublished writers?
If I could give advice to any unpublished authors it would be to not stop writing. Continue to write everyday even if you think it's crap. The more you write the better you will become at your craft. When you're ready to publish the biggest advice I could give is to get a professional editor and cover design. These two things are so important because your first book is a representation of you. You worked so hard on your story so you should want it to look the best it can.

Coffee or Tea

Coffee. I can't survive without it.

Wine or Beer


Movies or Books
Books!!!! I love movies but nothing is better than a good book.

Hemsworth or Pratt 
Hemsworth. I'll also take his brother. Can I have both brothers?

Summer or Winter

Beach or Mountains
I love them both, but I'd have to say the beach.

Pizza or Cheeseburger

Love at First Sight or Friends to Lovers
Friends to Lovers

Halloween or Christmas

Game of Thrones or Outlander
I haven't seen or read either series. I know. I'm a disgrace. Lol


Justine Elvira is a bestselling author at multiple retailers. She started publishing her work in early 2013 and hasn't looked back since. Writing is her form of therapy and helps her escape reality for a little while.

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Jagger had three rules for every con:

1. Don't back out
2. Don't forget the story
3. Don't f*** it up

I broke them all.

I first met Jagger when I was just nine years old. He was an older boy who gave me twenty dollars to buy a new pair of ballet shoes after I dropped mine in the mud. That's when I fell in love with him.

And love would be my downfall.

I would run into Jagger over the years and I'd watch him as he'd hustle strangers out of their money with his latest scam. He lied, he cheated, and he took advantage of anyone he could. Most importantly, he never got caught. 

Well, until he needed me to help him pull off his biggest con to date.

I thought I could do it. He told me it was easy to make money through deception, and I believed him because he had a lot of it.

But I should have known that nothing is guaranteed.

My name is Ronnie and now we're on the run.

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