Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Special Halloween Interview with Author Laura Howard

1.   What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever heard/read/seen? It can be from a book, movie, or from the campfire at night…

I usually shy away from scary stuff, I'm definitely not a fan of horror. But, I absolutely love the Experiment in Terror series by Karinna Halle. Most of the books have given me the chills, but the scariest one was On Demon Wings. Wow...

2.   Who would you like to bring back as a zombie? Why?

No way! My husband and I watch Walking Dead and those things are nasty!

3.   What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

I love seeing all the houses decorated, including mine!

4.   What was your best Halloween costume?

I was the bride of Frankenstein in Middle School and I really went all out for that costume. It took a LOT of hairspray to pull that off!

5.   Is there an author out there that you’re pretty sure is a witch? Tell us who and why you think so!

Don't tell anyone, but I do think Kristie Cook might be a witch. Oh she says she went to school for marketing and business, blah blah blah... but I think she's a little bit too awesome to be a mere mortal.

Thank you, Laura!!!

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