Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Questions with Raine Thomas

Five Questions with Raine Thomas

1.     When you think of your favorite books, what is it that draws you to them and makes you want to read them over and over again?

My favorite books feature well-written, believable characters. I can connect with those characters, regardless of the world they live in. When they hurt, I hurt, and when they love, I love. Those are the books that call me back, because I want to experience those things with those characters once again.

2.     Did you consciously decide to write the genre you write, or did it choose you?

I’d say I consciously decided to write YA fantasy/romance, but NA contemporary romance definitely chose me. I had no intention of writing that genre, but the characters wouldn’t stop talking to me until I wrote their story!

3.     If you could sit down for a drink and a chat with any writer, who would it be, and why?

I’d love to meet Nora Roberts one day. She’s a rock star in my world! Every story she tells grabs my attention and doesn’t let go.

4.     When you are not writing (or reading) what is your favorite pastime?

I love to spend time outdoors, whether it’s walking with my daughter up to the park or heading out to the beach for the weekend. It helps clear my mind and offers a nice change in setting.

5.     At what point were you sure that your book was ready to be published, and how did you go about making it happen?

At first, I figured I’d go the traditional route and send out query letters. I wrote the Daughters of Saraqael trilogy in its entirety before I decided it was ready to share with the world. I’d heard too many stories of agents and publishers not being interested in picking up the first book in a series because they were worried the author didn’t have it in them to finish it. I figured having all three books would help avoid that pitfall. Unfortunately, after querying over thirty agents, I didn’t get more than a couple of nibbles. After discussing it with my husband, who has always been a huge source of support for me, we decided to self-publish. There’s been no looking back!
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