Monday, October 27, 2014

Special Halloween Interview with Author Christina Mercer

1.   What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever heard/read/seen? It can be from a book, movie, or from the campfire at night…

When I was a kid and VHS movies were starting to become all the rage (you actually went and rented the VHS players, too), I attended a birthday slumber party and we watched The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I don't think the mom had a clue what she'd rented us girls. It absolutely terrified us!

2.   Who would you like to bring back as a zombie? Why?

This is a hard one, cuz zombies are so . . . ew! But maybe someone like Jim Carrey who did great with his character in The Mask (he was funny and nice with good peeps and served up justice to the bad!).

3.   What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

I LOVE all the magic and lore that surrounds it, and even the season, which happens to be my favorite one, enhances the mood with its longer, cooler nights.

4.   What was your best Halloween costume?

I attended a party as a sexy Honey Bee and my husband went as my Keeper ;-)

5.   Is there an author out there that you’re pretty sure is a witch? Tell us who and why you think so!

Well, it takes a witch to know one, right? LOL Or maybe a wizard-ess is a better description. I think fellow fantasy author Chelsea Starling weaves some pretty nice magic.

Thank you, Christina!!!

How to find Christina:

Christina Mercer is an award-winning author of fiction for children and young adults. Honored titles include Tween Fantasy ARROW OF THE MIST and its sequel ARMS OF ANU, and YA Fantasy/Romance HONEY QUEEN. She is also the co-founder of Christina enjoys life in the foothills of Northern California with her husband and sons, a pack of large dogs, and about 100,000 honeybees. 

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